Adjust visual effects in xp pro.

  bruno 08:50 01 Aug 2003

After reding the "Windows Workout" article in this months mag, I decided to untick all the boxes to see if it would cure a niggle I have on Pin table.Well,it did not cure the problem, so I thought I would put it back where it was. Trouble is, I could not find any "Performance and Maintenance" icons in the "new" display. I ended up having to do a system restore and had to reinstall a program I had just done.Anybody tell me where I went wrong?
The fault I was trying to cure was the fact that the flippers on the pin table work about a week after you press the button and my grandchildren are giving me earache because they keep losing their balls.

  hugh-265156 10:16 01 Aug 2003

you were in classic get back to all the xp bells and whistles click control panel/

  hugh-265156 10:20 01 Aug 2003

oops,sorry about that.twitchy mouse finger.i ment to add to get it back from classic view to all the xp bells and whistles click: control panel/system/advanced/performance/settings/ and retick "let windows choose whats best for my computer"

also control panel/tools/folder options and tick "show common tasks in folders"and click switch to catagory view.

reverse the above to go back to classic again.

  hugh-265156 10:26 01 Aug 2003

for your graphics problem try updating to the latest drivers for your card.

nvidia click here

ati click here

  hugh-265156 10:30 01 Aug 2003

sorry i read that solw this morning like your flippers :-)

try shutting down any other programs running while playing.also disable uneeded services to free up memory if you are running low.

click here and click here for info.get more ram if you have 256 or less.update the graphics drivers too.

  bruno 12:06 01 Aug 2003

Thanks for the suggestions Huggyg71.I will try them when we get back from shopping.I have 512Mb memory and nothing open.It used to work ok but it may be that I have since filled up a lot more space on my disc.I'll give them a go, though.

  bruno 12:03 04 Aug 2003

Thank you for your help Huggyg71,That is what I was looking for.I will now try to see if there is an update for my drivers.Sorry I did not acknowledge earlier,but we had visitors who took over my comp!

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