adjust boot sequence

  1911 22:43 09 Nov 2007

I thought I would try installing Linux,"How to Issue 149" got as far as putting in the disc and starting up.It didnt restart in UBUNTU. Now I dont mind going into the BIOS but I need Precise instructions on what to do then. When I select cdrom drive how do i then make it first seletction for booting up. I have XPHome

  rossgolf 22:48 09 Nov 2007

wen you get into the bios ( by pressin f2 or del) then go to advanced>1st boot device ( use pg up and pg dw to select) change 1st boot device to cd rom or dvd....then press esc then press f10 to save and exit then it should in theory do the rest its self

  woodchip 23:09 09 Nov 2007

before you start trying to load Linux, Have you tried running a Live CD of Ubuntu? And you need free space on you hard drive or another drive fitting so it does not mess your C:\ drive partition up.

Hear is a list of Live Linux CD's that you can try before you load it on the drive. this works from your memory and when you turn your computer off the computer is just as it was. not info about linux is lefit on your drive Virus does not mater as it's gone when you switch off. Just start with the CD after you create one with the file.

  woodchip 23:10 09 Nov 2007

Sorry list hear click here

  1911 01:55 10 Nov 2007

Hi rossgolf, sorry for the long delay, followed your instructions and after a few glitches got it set up. I will now spend the next few(?) days trying to figure it out. Thank for the assist.
hiwoodchip,Too late now i'm commited but I will send the list to my son who was trying to get Linux too. Thanks again to both of you. Cheers John

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