handful 12:28 17 Dec 2004

I have an error being reported in Event Viewer relating to the General USB Driver (adildr.sys)
For some reason a Google search only points to foreign websites (my Polish and French is not too hot) Does anybody know what this is supposed to do and how I may be able to replace/repair this file? Thanks in advance

  handful 15:07 17 Dec 2004

Gongoozler - To be honest, I am resorting to desperate measures as I am one of the unfortunate people who suffer from regular 'windows could not start due to windows\system32\config\system being missing or corrupt'. I am determined to find the source of the problem and I suspected it may be my copy of XP Home so bit the bullet reformatted etc and got XP Pro. I haven't had a crash yet as such but several hangs on user switching. I expect to get my regular crash soon and am trying to see problems which may contribute and the main one seems to be this message about adildr.sys. I also get a 'True Vector' problem which I gather is something to do with Zone Alarm. I will follow your tip and do a search when I get home tomorrow and report back. Thanks

  handful 15:25 17 Dec 2004

JIM Thanks for that.....narrows things down a bit;)
I never will understand search engines!

  handful 16:06 17 Dec 2004

I have done this 'fix' more times than I care to remember. In fact I'd go so far as to say I know it pretty much off by heart! It doesn't always work and usually when it does it doesn't take long to reoccur and I end up reformatting and reinstalling foolishly believing that this time it may be cured...and it isn't!

For info I am running an Mesh Athlon XP2400, Geforce 4600 with 512mb and Matrox 120gb HD. XP Pro, Office XP, Usual array of protection, AVG, Adaware, Spybot, Zone Alarm Pro with web filtering. Fairly bog standard but with USB ADSL modem. I know pretty much everything there is to know about how to get over the problem in the short term but can't seem to find the underlyng cause:( That's why I was wondering if adildr.sys may be contributory factor?

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