Addvice on Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop needed

  ray27 13:15 11 Jan 2010

Can any one tell me where I can get a wireless card that will work with a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop
At the moment I am using one that is connected via the USB and it seems a bit slow as well as the problem with the wires hanging about
It was given to me by someone who has updated their laptop and it only has 256 k of memory can this be easily upgraded ? many thanks for the advice

  GaT7 14:07 11 Jan 2010

Regarding the wireless, a PCMCIA card like a Netgear WG511T will do apparently click here & specs click here.

Is there any particular reason why a USB one is being used at present? Ask the previous owner, & if he/she knows if the PCMCIA slot is functioning OK before buying one. You can also get a better USB one that may give better results.


Regarding the RAM, you can increase it to a max of 1Gb (2x 512Mb modules) click here. This should help considerably, especially if you can also do a factory restore or fresh OS install.

Cheaper RAM from Play at £12.99 each click here. Perhaps get one to start with.

You'll most probably need to update the BIOS for more RAM to be recognised - Dell forum thread regarding this click here. Follow the instructions there to update to A22 first.

Download for BIOS version A32 & BIOS flashing instructions (for either) at click here. Do exactly as it says & pay close attention to all the warnings. G

  ray27 14:31 11 Jan 2010

The PCMCIA slot in the side of the laptop was working fine but then the card itself developed a fault so he then got one that worked via the usb but this one has had a mishap with the aerial which is only about a quarter of an inch long Ihave to put it almost next to the router for it to work. As for upgrading the memory I think it is beyond my capabilities I am getting on a bit and and I feel that I have done well to get as far as I have but going down the upgrade memory road seems a bit daunting many thanks for your advice its realy gratefuly recieved

  GaT7 15:27 11 Jan 2010

Test you present connection speed via click here. If it's much slower than compared to connecting directly (non-wireless), & if you'd like to try a PCMCIA card, consider this one click here.

Also consider doing a factory restore or fresh OS install if system performance is a bit slow/sluggish. Did the laptop come with any of the original software disks? What's the capacity of the drive & how much free space is present? G

  T0SH 16:42 11 Jan 2010

Mauals User and Service are available from here for your laptop they give detailed how to on doing most tasks

click here

Take a bit of time reading to get to know the how to`s following that most tasks will become much easier

Cheers HC

  ray27 08:21 13 Jan 2010

I have taken your advice and got a Netgear WG511t card from EBay it only cost a tenner so I haven't wasted too much money.
I checked out the user manuals and I think it will be beyond my Limited capabilities
I think my problem is that the laptop has only 256 k of memory installed so do you think it would be wortwile having it upgraded by a local computer company?
It seems to take forever opening and closing various programs I timed it and it can take upto a minute to open a program and you are tempted to click it againg which just seems to confuses it all the more .
I have learnt to be patient and sit back and wait but as the main purpose of the Laptop is to try and get the wife interested I don’t think she will be patient.
I have a desk top which I use and try as I might she will not use it has she says it’s a bit daunting and she reckons the laptop looks much more friendly , who among us can explain a women's logic?
I did a clean reinstall of the OS Windows XP Home and it seemed to cure the speed thing but the more programmes I installed the slower it got
I have also disabled all the things in start-up except AVG
Word works fine and I can play DVD's Ok
Do you think that if I upgrade the Memory to 1 GB it will cure the problem ?

  Quiller. 08:33 13 Jan 2010

"Do you think that if I upgrade the Memory to 1 GB it will cure the problem ?"


Put on norton beta click here and take off avg and see how faster it runs after a few days.

  ray27 12:24 13 Jan 2010

I unplugged the Linksys wireless-g which was plugged into the usb port and the laptop did perform much faster.
It seems that when it is plugged in it slows down the computer quite considerably even if you are not on line.
As I said before I am waiting delivery of a Netgear WG511T 802.11g 108Mbps Wireless LAN PCMCIA Card which I think must be better than the Linskey USB thing
I took courage in both hands and undid the plate under the laptop where I thought the Memory sticks are and there it was ,one card so I know I can physically replace it with 2x 512 mb sticks but what I would like to know if I installed the memory that is recommended Dell Inspiron 1100 8200 1 GB kit DDR RC270 200PIN SODIMM will the laptop recognise it and boot up without any problems?.
I have read on the sites that have been pointed out tpo me that you must make sure that the memory sticks have 32 pins otherwise they wont work

  kidsis 14:18 13 Jan 2010

hi ray, when I upgraded the memory in my Dell notebook I went to the crucial site, typed in the model and then up came the memory I needed. I also bought the memory from them as it was reasonably priced. No harm in you having a look at the site ( Also don't worry about your ability to replace the sticks, it worked for me!

  woodchip 14:25 13 Jan 2010

You can just buy a USB wireless dongle from a £9,99 this will work same as a PCMCIA card but cheaper

  ray27 14:43 13 Jan 2010

I have just been to the Crucial site and found out what memory I would need but it states "Please ensure you have installed the latest BIOS update for your system before upgrading the memory." this is the bit that is worrying me I havnt got a clue how to do this and as I said before I dont feel confident enough to meddle around with the bios ,how do I upgrade thwe bio's ?

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