Addressing envelopes in Word 2000

  Chopin 21:55 14 Aug 2003

When I use TOOLS>Envelopes to transfer an address from my letter to the envelope my own address is also transferred, intermingled line by line. I have to delete it bit by bit. I would be grateful for advice on the correct procedure.

  krypt1c 22:03 14 Aug 2003

When you tools > envelopes have you ticked omit return address ?

  Chopin 22:28 14 Aug 2003

Yes "omit return address" is ticked. When I untick it the preview shows my address in the top left, separate from the delivery address.

  Megatyte 00:19 15 Aug 2003

Print the envelope after you have typed the recipients address but before typing your own.


  Megatyte 00:26 15 Aug 2003

Iv'e just found another way. When you do Tools - Envelopes and get the mixed addresses just click 'Options' and then cancel.


  Chopin 15:15 15 Aug 2003

I don't type my address on letters. I take a saved letter, re-name it, change the delivery address, delete the letter contents and start from there.
Clicking Options and cancelling doesn't seem to change anything.

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