Address for epson cartridges

  fullyfitted 20:37 18 Nov 2003

Sorry to be a pain but I've lost the address for "choice" who supply compatable cartridges for Epson printers.
Any got it to hand?

Ihave tried both google and the P C A search facility without luck but I guess I'm using the wrong key words

  Geoff_T 20:42 18 Nov 2003

Its click here or phone 0800-093-3454.


  Geoff_T 20:43 18 Nov 2003

My spelling is a bit suspect - They spell it "stationery", sorry

  fullyfitted 20:52 18 Nov 2003

Many thanks
Your A good un

  Lasse 21:02 18 Nov 2003

Try this link. they sell origional and compatible cartridges very cheap. They normally dispatch them the same day. I have used them for 2 years now and my father has used them for approx 4 here

  fullyfitted 21:19 18 Nov 2003

thanks for the link, I will keep it for future ref but Choice are doing a special and I can get a multi pack of two black and two colour for the same price as two from the 7day shop.However some of their prices on other products look very good.

  holly polly 21:41 18 Nov 2003

just started using choice and very reasonable prices they are to a full set of carts for my epson c82 -£18.99-roughly on par for a single black original epson ,but 4 for the price of one ,the colour rendition is also excellent equally on par with the originals ,all in all i'm well satisfied-regards-hol pol...

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