Address Book Works to Word???

  frankieman 17:16 20 Aug 2003

I am trying to incorporate my address book from out of Microsoft Works into Microsoft Word.
Any ideas, please

  xania 09:48 21 Aug 2003

I presume you will want it as a table. I suggest you cut the data from Works into Wordpad, which will then store it as an unformated text file. You should then be able to convert this into a .csv file and import it to Excel or import the text direct into Word and manipulate it from there

  frankieman 16:59 21 Aug 2003

I was assuming I could just copy my address book directly into the address book in Word without the hassle of retyping it all out again.
So it looks like the same format in Works as in Word. I have tried export in Microsoft Works to Word but it does not like it...

I will try your way, but I assume reading in to your message it will look different...

  wee eddie 19:19 21 Aug 2003

What Address Book in Word, there is no address book in Word.

What Programs are you running?

Possibly from MS Works to MS Office or from Outlook Express to Outlook. I am not familiar with MS Works.

  frankieman 16:08 26 Aug 2003

The problem was solved by synchronising my IPAQ with MS Outlook which can be accessed from word.

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