Address Book - unwelcome automatic addition

  Pinelea 20:14 24 Oct 2005

A recent e-mail we received was copied to several others. Each of their e-mail addresses then appeared in the Address Book.

Does this represent a virus problem? It's never happened before; how can we prevent this happening again? Is it a setting-change we don't know about?

What can/should we do? Please.

Ralph P Smith

  splork 20:29 24 Oct 2005

Do you mean several other people got the same email? Or several new addresses appeared in your address book without you adding them? Do you use Outlook Express? Do you run antivirus software?

  Pinelea 22:11 24 Oct 2005

The single e-mail was addressed/copied to several people in the sender's Group. Their addressess could, of course, be seen in the received copy. These are what appeared as additions to the Address Book without our manually adding them.

We use ZoneAlarm firewall and Avast antivirus in Outlook express.

  GroupFC 22:17 24 Oct 2005

Did you reply to this e-mail? and did you use "reply" or "reply all"? If you did check Tools>Options>send and see if there is a check mark in the box "Automatically put people I reply to in my address book". If there is click on the box to remove it.

  Pinelea 19:43 27 Oct 2005

GroupFC's posting did the trick; all now seems in order. Must also alter other PC.


  GroupFC 20:02 27 Oct 2005

Blimey - another one I have managed to sort. I'm beginning to feel that I'm on a roll but then again - maybe not!!

Gald you got it sorted!

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