Address book

  tes 09:48 23 Oct 2004

I want to export my address book but when i go to tools,file. export & inport is greyed out.Why?

  rawprawn 11:41 23 Oct 2004

Where do you want to export it, is there an import option at your chosen destination ?

  tes 12:00 23 Oct 2004

Eastender. From the address book
Rawprawn.I want to export it to a floppy

  rawprawn 12:09 23 Oct 2004

Go to your address book select edit,Select all, then copy the addresses highlighted. put your floppy in the drive put your curser in the right hand panel , right click and select paste.

  tes 12:21 23 Oct 2004

rawprawn.right hand panel of what,sorry for being so thick

  rawprawn 13:07 23 Oct 2004

Sorry I did not explain so that you can understand. Open Windows Explorer, put your floppy in the drive then go to My computer and negociate to the floppy drive.and click on it. The right hand panel is where you would normally see the contents of the floppy in the drive, but I assume that because you are wanting to put your address book on it it will be empty. So on the right hand side of the window there will be nothing showing.Right click anywhere on there and select "Paste" (assuming you have already selected copy from your address book) the whole contents of your address book will be copied to your floppy. If you the click on any name in there it will open the box with all the details in it. Ihope you can understand now. Good luck.

  tes 13:41 23 Oct 2004

rawprawn. Tried that.---Get---Cannotcopy fileCannot read from source file or disc

  rawprawn 13:54 23 Oct 2004

Reboot and try again, It should work no problem don't load any prorams until you have done it. After you have booted Just go straght Start/All Programs/Accessories/Address Book and follow my earlier instructions.

  rawprawn 15:21 23 Oct 2004

A silly question, but have you formatted your floppy disc ? that could cause the problem.

  tes 16:27 23 Oct 2004

rawprawn.Yes I have.The anoying thing is that on my last comp. I exported my address book as a wab file & inported it to this comp.with no problems about a year ago, but now for some reason both inport & export is greyed out. Could it be SP2

  rawprawn 16:54 23 Oct 2004

No I don't think it is SP2, Have you tried copying it to another file first such as My Documents and then copy it to a floppy. I'm sorry I don't know why it's not working for you I have tried again on mine with no trouble.If that doesn't work I'm afraid I don't know the answer.

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