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  eddie937 11:30 18 Oct 2003

i have manually uninstalled some programs from my hard drive, so when i go into add/remove programs and try to uninstall them it says it can't find the uninstaller(cos i have already uninstalled them). How do i get rid of the program name from add/remove programs.
i'm running xp pro

  ntlman 11:40 18 Oct 2003

sad u have to use the regedit to edit the registry and thats the only way u can get rid of it now my advice is to always use add and remove.
But u probally no that now

  eddie937 11:46 18 Oct 2003

ntlman, where in the registry do i find the add/remove files,please

  Belatucadrus 12:51 18 Oct 2003

click here tru MyUninstaller, it can clean dead entries from the uninstall list.

  mark e 12:58 18 Oct 2003

you could try rinstalling then removing them

  eddie937 13:10 18 Oct 2003

thanks belatucadrus, i tried myuninstaller but it cant find some programs that are still in my add/remove program tray.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:12 18 Oct 2003

U could try Tweakiu windows power tools give you the option to remove add/remove entries of uninstalled programs.


  eddie937 13:12 18 Oct 2003

cheers mark e however it is old software that i either downloaded of the internet or old disks that i don't have anymore

  eddie937 13:17 18 Oct 2003

a nickname do you have a link please

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