An additional plug-in is required to display some elements on this page

  jrb1946 12:06 08 Nov 2011

As soon as I open a new link or a new email, (using Chrome as my browser) this message appears at the top of the page "An additional plug-in is required to display some elements on this page"

I am offered "install plug-in", "problems installing", and an x at the right hand end. It is, needless to say, becoming very irritating because it happens everytime a new page is brought up and there appear to be no benefits to clicking any of the 3 options. Still the message returns. I use WXp pro sp3 Sophos AV (so unlikely to be a nasty)

A google search suggested that something needed to be changed in Skype. But none of the message posters were very clear about what needed to me changed. Clicking "install problems" suggests I might not have upto date JAVA. I have Java version 6 build 29 and the thing set to automatic updates. It is fully upto date therefore.

Could someone tell me to to get rid of this irritation - for good - please? John

  jrb1946 19:50 08 Nov 2011

Thanks, that's fixed it. I was though looking for the spanner in Skype for a short while (doh!) but of course as everyone else knew it's at the top right of Chrome.

  iscanut 19:57 08 Nov 2011

I had been tearing my hair out with the same problem and had given up using Chrome. Thanks Woolwell...

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