Additional PCI USB2 Cards

  alcudia 14:26 21 Nov 2003

Recently added a 2 port usb2 card and is working fine, but could do with more so I can ditch the 1.1 slots altogether. I suppose there's no reason why I cannot add another card. It would be of a different make though.
Plenty of slots left.

  A_World_Maker 14:52 21 Nov 2003

this might help click here

  A_World_Maker 14:54 21 Nov 2003

here is where you can buy it click here

  alcudia 14:59 21 Nov 2003

Thanks for your reply. I've actually already bought the second card (a Belkin). There is already an Adeptec in the machine. I just suddenly had a thought. Can you actually have two of these without any conflict.

Grateful for any further help.

  Djohn 15:06 21 Nov 2003

Yep! I have two in mine although the same make, but don't think it will make a difference. I also have a 4 port powered hub [USB2] connected to the original 1.1 on the rear of PC to give me easy access to detachable items. The remaining 1.1 USB on the rear of the PC has my rechargeable lead for cordless mouse, this is to enable use of mouse while it recharges. j.

  A_World_Maker 15:08 21 Nov 2003

as far as I am aware, yes. Each card, and its function, can coexist as each runs on IRQ's (Interupts) and are assigned under PnP. The only real drawback would be if too many peripherals tried to draw too much power at the same time. Some USB devices draw power, some do not. According to the specifications, you can have upto 127 USB devices daisy chainned, although in reality you would be hard pushed to acheive that.

  AubreyS 15:10 21 Nov 2003

I'm probably telling you something that you already know. So I apologise if I am but if you connect USB2 to USB1 you will only get USB1 functions.

  Djohn 15:11 21 Nov 2003

127 Eh! think I'll add a few more! ;o)

  alcudia 15:11 21 Nov 2003

Thank you very much. It's going to be a busy weekend. New DVD-Rom and this card. Also putting more memory in. One at a time I think. Just hope I don't get asked to re-activate, I think the memory and the DVD drive both count towards this.

Site seems a lot better now. Perhaps it's me holding off the refresh.

Thanks again.

  Djohn 15:23 21 Nov 2003

No, as far as I'm aware the driver included with the Powered hub states that if connected directly to the motherboard it will work at USB2 but not if connected through an add-on PCI card. I've not checked out if this holds true though, so would welcome further comment. It does say in device manager USB2.

The difference in USB 1.1 and 2.0 is great, but does not affect the actual speed of use of say your scanner or printer, only the transfer of data.

My Canon LiDE50 scanner for instance is extremely fast in the sense that if I place a document, or photo in to be scanned, then press the "Scan/Print" button on the front. Within a couple of seconds of the scan starting, the print starts, [Canon i850] and the print finishes a couple of seconds after the scan.

Amazing to watch as it all works so quick. j.

  Djohn 15:36 21 Nov 2003

Just to clarify the above post a little. The i850 can be left turned off, it automatically turns on from any "Print" command.

On pressing the "Scan/Print" button on the scanner, the scanner will start scanning, the printer turns on and start to print at the same time. It appears that the printer is printing as quickly as the scanner can transfer the data.

As you watch the procedure, you can see the scanner progressing through the scan as it comes out of the printer. As I said, amazing to watch. j.

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