Additional Language - How to install???

  lulu100 13:53 01 Jul 2003

I wanted to install a second language (Chinese) on my PC so that I can view Chinese websites. The PC asked me to insert the WINXP Service Pack 1 CD. I tried to insert the WINXP set up CD but it does not work. I also tried to download the WINXP Service Pack (SP1a) from the Microsoft website but it still asks for the WINXP Service Pack 1 CD. Where can I get this CD (do I have to buy another CD) or can I download it free from somewhere.

Your help please. Thank you.

  Roland Butter 16:45 01 Jul 2003

Have you tried pointing to the downloaded (& expanded) file rather than than the CD?

  lulu100 22:19 02 Jul 2003

Thanks for your suggestion but I could not find the Service Pack SP2 I installed. I can only see them in the 'Add/Delete Program' panel appeared as Hotfix PS2.... I think basically they just reconfigurated some settings in my system rather than downloading additional files to my computer. The files I needed to install the language is cplexe.exe and I performed a search for all files but could not find it. Any more help/suggestions please?


  Qmar 23:11 02 Jul 2003

please give an example of a website you are trying to view.

  Qmar 23:14 02 Jul 2003

is this any use..
click here

I have Win98.. I had the impression that XP was a 'Whizz' at sorting out such capabilities..?

  woodchip 23:24 02 Jul 2003
  lulu100 20:45 04 Jul 2003

Thanks for your suggestion, Qmar. The web page I am trying to open is In my old PC (Window 98) I can view the page with traditional Chinese. But with Win XP it asked me to insert a WinXP Service Pack 1 CD to install the language pack. I have contacted Carrera's (manufacturer of PC)technical support. They told me that I have to buy a separate CD from them as this is a special release for Carrera computers. I just wonder whether this is true and if I can find alternative free source.

Any more advice please?

  Qmar 01:10 05 Jul 2003

..I'm still thinking.. might be worth emailing Pesala? (see tab next to name.)

  Qmar 01:18 05 Jul 2003

read here

  Qmar 01:27 05 Jul 2003

(something wierd happened to the link? in my browser anyway.)

  Danoh 01:35 05 Jul 2003

I went onto Microsoft UK's web site a while back and submitted a request for a CD-ROM which duly arrived. But I can't remember the exact web site address.

There is an online link; click here;EN-US;322389

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