Additional Hard Drives

  Newuser4165 17:57 08 Nov 2003

Having just launched into the realms of DVD authoringI am considering adding an additional hard drive to my current system.Can anyone offer advice on which procedure would be best:-

Add an IDE hard drive as slave on primary ide channel.

Install a separate IDE controller card and add a new IDE hard drive to that.

Install a SATA controller card and connect a SATA hard drive to it.

My current system comprises :-
Asus A7V333 mobo with 512MB DDR RAM,Athlon 1.66GHz processor,Maxtor 80GB IDE hard drive partitioned C/D.Win XP is installed in "C". "D" is used for data storage.

I have read the current posts on "SATA".

Thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 19:56 08 Nov 2003

What is on the secondary IDE channel? If there is a free space there, make the new hdd the master. If the primary and secondary IDE are in use, then move one of the optical drives to slave on the primary and add the new hdd to the secondary.


IDE 1- hdd master / optical drive slave

IDE 2 - (new) hdd master / optical drive slave

My thinking is that it is better to have the two hdd on different drives.

  Newuser4165 09:42 09 Nov 2003

Thanks for the replies.
I'll just get a new IDE hard drive (80 or 120GB) and put it as slave on Primary IDE.

The secondary channel is used by the DVD burner (LG4040B) and an older CD rewriter(LG8340)

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