additional hard drive - IDE or ATA (and UDMA)?

  StephenRogers 22:52 30 Mar 2005

I need to install an additional hard drive in my computer, which I bought in spring 2003.
The current (80G) drive has:

IBM Deskstar IC35L080AVVA07-0 ATA/IDE

written on it.

I learn from various sites that this disk has a UDMA100 interface

So, does this disk drive support both ATA and IDE?

What kind of drive should I buy to work best with the system - ATA, IDE or/and UDMA?
How do I find out whether my system supports UDMA?
I'm pretty skint, so am wanting to get up to 120 additional gigs for about 50 quid.

Any thoughts?

  Jak_1 22:57 30 Mar 2005

Any hdd other than a SATA drive should work just fine, don't forget to get a slave ide cable and to set the jumper on the new drive to slave.

  DieSse 00:29 31 Mar 2005

There should already be a spare connector on the IDE (the flat ribbon) cable attached to your existing hard drive. Ideally your hard drives should be on the same cable - as master and slave - and the optical drives on the second cable.

The terms IDE and ATA are interchangeable - the same thing.

UDMA100 refers to the speed of transfer of data. Any drive you buy today will be UDMA100 or UDMA133 - both will work fine together in the system - though if your system only supports up to 100 - then that's the speed it will run at.

  Paranoid Android 00:52 31 Mar 2005

Look for a sticker on the drive explaining how to set the jumpers as a SLAVE unit.


  DieSse 00:59 31 Mar 2005

The drives need to be set - your main one as Master, and your new one as Slave -


Both set to Cable Select - in which case put the existing drive at the end of the cable (it should be there already) - and the new drive on the middle connector.

Make SURE you know how your existing drive is set before you start - you may even have to tkae it out and look.

  Paranoid Android 01:01 31 Mar 2005

That's what I meant, but put so much better



  StephenRogers 09:25 31 Mar 2005

Thank you everyone.

-it doesn't matter whether I buy an IDE or ATA drive

-I need to make sure I put the right cables and the settings in the right places on installing it.

(I'm going to ask someone local to show me how to install it - yesterday was the first time I've opened the case on a computer)

Can I pretty much assume that as the computer was bought on a home pc spec in spring 2003 that it won't support a SATA drive (especially as it says 'ATA/IDE' on the box)?

Or, would an SATA drive work, but only as fast as an ATA/IDE, thereby being a waste of money?


  goonerbill © ® 09:30 31 Mar 2005

SATA hard drive will not work in your pc. SATA and IDE/ATA have different cable/ribbon connections but same power connectors.

  StephenRogers 09:33 31 Mar 2005

I'm just looking at the lists at: click here

and there seem to be SCSI, SATA, SATA II, and then "IDE - PATA" . Does this mean parallel ATA?


  goonerbill © ® 09:42 31 Mar 2005

yep. IDE/ATA is also refered to as PATA. its to help people with less experence of pc's to identify the hard drives but in my opinion it just confuses people.

what you need is hard drive marked IDE/ATA/PATA.

  dan11 09:48 31 Mar 2005

Yes P-ATA is parellel and will be fine for you.

Any of these drives are fine, or can you post the make and model you want. IDE, P-ATA, UDMA and ATA. All refer to a modern IDE hard drive.:-)

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