additional hard drive

  yaesu 19:21 02 Oct 2003

Hi folks
I have a 3 year old IBM Aptiva with which I'm happy enough except the tiny hard drive. (4Gb!)
A search has shown a Western Digital 80Gb EIDE (oem) for under £60 from e-buyer. A good buy or not? I intend to retain the old drive with 98se and my applications and use the new for storage of mainly photos. What does one not get with an oem item that comes with a retail package?

  MAJ 19:27 02 Oct 2003

1. Yes, a good buy.

2. You might not get an IDE cable, yaesu (excellent radios) and you'll get no software.

But check first that your BIOS will accept a 60gig drive. It probably wont without a BIOS upgrade or a Drive overlay utility, which can usually be downloaded from the drive manufacturer's website.

  MjM Hellfire 19:28 02 Oct 2003

No cables, instructions, drivers, just get a piece of hardware in a basic box...that's it. You will have to get the cables yourself.

  yaesu 19:48 02 Oct 2003

Tnx MAJ, cable not a problem it's already a dual connector, radio is an elderly FT901, works well! How do I check the bios please? I'm sure I saw 120Gb mentioned on the IBM site but cant find it again.

Tnx MjM, I've already got a dual cable, can manage to fit it but what drivers/software is needed please? A download perhaps?

  MjM Hellfire 19:54 02 Oct 2003

Drivers will not be an issue, but as MAJ said, be careful, you have an oldish system that might not handle that size of harddrive.

Download this and find out what is on your system -

click here

Once you have your motherboard details, goto the relevant site and check what it can take.

  MAJ 20:16 02 Oct 2003

You'll have to get the BIOS version that your motherboard uses and check it on the maker's website, see if it supports that size of drive. You can get the BIOS manufacturer's name and the version number on the bootup screen, use the Pause/Break button on your keyboard to pause the bootup sequence when you see the startup screen appear and take note of it. The chances are that there might not be an update for the BIOS if it's very old. updating (flashing, as it's called) the BIOS can be tricky and dangerous, done wrong it could leave your PC unusable, so go for the Drive Overlay option if need be.

It's about 25 years since I use a yaesu, yaesu. I used an FT200 (if I remember correctly) which was very old at that time. I also used a newer one (at that time) but it's model number escapes me at the moment. We used them to do a bit of skip-talking through a Moonraker 6-element and Moonraker 4-element beam and also, of course, the ever faithful Sigma 4 omi-directional. Great fun. Most of the guys from the old A.M. days are all Ham operators now, though.

  Norfroader 09:16 26 Jul 2005

My original 40GB drive is the system drive. Additional drive is 80 GB Maxtor with jumper set to 'slave'. Installed as local disk with NTFS format (Only format offered by XP Home). Is there any risk of clash?
PC appears to work OK and I have transferred files without trouble.

Alan Kennedy

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