Adding on Windows Messenger!

  gazmix 18:27 13 Nov 2009

Ok, someone as added me on Windows Messenger! I'm using the new version & after i log in i don't get the '....has added you, do you want to accept their invite' as i did with the old version!

Should i?

Or, do i only get the 'confirmation' prompt when they are online! & should i see their email addy in my contact list! Even though i haven't accepted them!


  gazmix 16:37 15 Nov 2009

Anyone?, it seems i've been added, but i don't see the 'confirm' box that i used to!

  gazmix 00:14 17 Nov 2009

Hi Marg
Did you add your sisters & YOU got an invitation?, wouldn't it be her that gets the invite from you?

The friend says they added me, but they haven't appeared in my contacts list or i haven't had the invite to accept or not.
The only time i see them in my list is when i added them.

The mail is valid, as when i add it, i can access their Windows live profile. But, in tools>options>privacy, there's an option to see who has added me in their contact list & my friends email isn't there, although they say they have!

I tried to add myself!, i added my own email to my contacts, the same email i sign into messenger & it said 'once you are confirmed, you can start to communicate', i logged out, then back in & i still didn't ask if i wanted to confirm adding myself, i just was there in my list!!
maybe that wouldn't ask me to confirm.

  gazmix 00:21 17 Nov 2009

the 'only people on my allow list to see my status' checkbox!, when i uncheck this, does it mean people i block can see me online?

When i uncheck this box, the box saying 'notify me when someone adds me to their contact list' goes from being greyed out, to checkable, but was always checked! & still is, but no notifications!

  gazmix 10:31 25 Nov 2009

a friend on msn i canceled from contact list, i went to tools>options>privacy & removed from allow list, but they still appear i my hotmail contacts, they then added me & i still didn't get a confirmation request!
I guess a confirmation is only needed when a complete stranger to anything to do with messenger/hotmail etc adds me?

  gazmix 16:14 06 Dec 2009

Thanks Marg i will block & then delete, i think as you say this will totally make them invisible to me & vica versa!
Its just i wonder if i should still have them in my hotmail contacts!
Its all quite confusing as you say!

Could your issue be that your not on each others mail (msn or hotmail) list?, just a thought!

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