Adding a Win 98 PC to wireless network

  [DELETED] 20:45 06 Jan 2006

I've just set up a wireless network. I have a wired broadband connection to a high spec XP machine. An IBM thinkpad has file sharing and internet sharing over the wireless network. The router is a BT Voyager. I have installed a BT PCI adapter to a Win 98 PC, but can't get it on the network.

It's driven me nuts for 3 days now. I need help

  mgmcc 21:08 06 Jan 2006

Is this a wired or a wireless connection? Is the adapter getting its IP address from the router?

  [DELETED] 21:22 06 Jan 2006

mgmcc I have just been looking at your solutions to similar issues and you have me now questioning what I have done so I'll give you a bit more history.

I have an ASUS Wireless LAN card in my newish XP machine. I had my laptop and the Win 98 PC all sharing files and an internet connection.

Then I tried to implement better security (WPA) and took some advice to use a router instead of the WAP.

So I installed a router, and have used a wired ethernet connection from the router to the main pc. So now I can access the web from my laptop without my PC being on (wirelessly of course). So far so good. To achieve this I disabled the ASUS Wireless Lan.

When I tried to set the Win 98 PC uo onto the same wireless network but have failed miserably. Now the Win 98 PC is with the wirless adapter I installed is not showing a signal but seem to be able to see neighbours networks?????

Does this help to explain where I'm at

  [DELETED] 21:28 06 Jan 2006

I thnk it's meant to get the IP from the router but the adapter is picking up a 169 IP not a 192

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