Adding wifes laptop to existing wireless network

  [DELETED] 21:33 28 Jul 2004

My set up consists of an ADSL modem, ethernet router and Wireless Access Point combined. Attached are 3 PCs via cable and my laptop via a wireless PCMCIA card. Alll happily access internet and share files with each other.
My wife has been given a Dell Centrino laptop (it belongs to her school) with wireless included. I can get it to see my home wireless network, reception is shown as excellent, but it will not bring up an internet page.
Looking under the connections tab of tools - Internet connections, the school network (cabled) uses a proxy server to connect to the web, my home network does not.
I would like to allow her to access the web at home from her laptop but do not want to muck up her settings so that she can't access school network/web when term starts in September.
Anyone got any ideas or suggestions please?

  AndySD 21:55 28 Jul 2004
  [DELETED] 00:33 29 Jul 2004

Thanks. Went through the tutorial but no luck. I think it has something to do with her school using a proxy server and I don't seem to be able to get round that other than removing it.

Thanks also. That looks very interesting. I've downloaded it and will try it tomorrow or the next day when I get a bit more time.

Have ticked as resolved but may start another thread after an attempt with mobilenetswitch.

Thanks again


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