Adding video to a website

  Newuser2459 10:37 29 Dec 2004

I am thinking of adding video to my web site (property sales), can any one advise me, I was thinking of Flash video using Dreamweaver 2004,but I am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance

  Taran 12:03 29 Dec 2004

Site content is there to serve a purpose.

It should, in mu opinion, help to deliver your message, improve the visitor experience and add value to the site/visitor experience.

Video, unless very, very carefully implemented, often does none of the above and only makes people go and visit another site. In particular, dial up Internet users still stuck on 56k modem access (aka the majority of UK web users) won't thank you at all for including video files on your site unless they ae incredibly small.

Without a lot more detail on your site, its content, its target audience, the size of video file(s) you would like to include and what that video footage would actually do in your favour that static content cannot or does not do, it is almost impossible to formulate an answer to your question.
My rule of thumb in almost all instances is not to include video files and to make Flash animations small, to the point and relevant to specific aspects of the site. I also avoid animated GIFs like the plague.

Just my thoughts.


  Taran 12:11 29 Dec 2004

The human eye, being lazy, is naturally attracted to movement.

Any movement on your site in one small area can draw the eye from the relevant content on the rest of a pge and 'lose' it to the visitor in favour of being drawn to the animation or video.

This is just one of many reasons why video on the web should be very, very carefully considered.

I've done a couple of property sites fo estate agents in this country and one for a realtor in Canada. In all instances the ability to be able to quickly and easily edit content, run a properties for sale style of classified ads, have a searchable (by location, price, number of bedrooms and so on) database of properties currently available and so on were of primary concern. Not one of the businesses involved asked for video and I didn't offer it.

All three sites enjoy a healthy number of visitors and generate a good return - all three sites, because of their data driven back end and control panel (written by yours truly) allow the sites to be kept up to date by the client. They control their content, removing the need to pay for updates and I have no responsibility over content errors - I have an unhealthy paranoia that one day I'll upload some content to a clients site where I misplace a decimal point....

  Newuser2459 12:26 29 Dec 2004

Thanks Taran,
You have reinforced my own feelings, I just wanted someone elses views to help my decision.
Thanks again

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