Adding time in Excel

  m800afc 10:22 30 Jun 2007

Being a bit old fashioned I still record music on cassettes occasionally. Until recently I had a utility that enabled me to enter the track times and then reorganised the times for best fit according to size of the tape, usually C90. I have not been able to find a replacement for this.
I thought of using Excel. I would like to enter times in the format ie minutes and seconds as 3.55 = 3 minutes 55 seconds. I would then like to add all the times with an output in the same format. I could have two columns for a side and b side, and then juggle tracks so the two sides are the same length. I then lop off the unused tape and discard it. That way there are no silent passages of tape when using auto reverse players. Does anyone have any ideas for doing this efficiently?
Can I have the prize for being Luddite of the week?

  VoG II 10:27 30 Jun 2007

You would be better to enter them in the format 3:55 which Excel recognises as a time. You can then add them up just as you would numbers. The only issue would be if the total time could exceed 24 hours in which case you would need to apply a custom format


to the cell containing the total.

  VoG II 10:28 30 Jun 2007

Actually, use the format 0:3:55

  m800afc 11:44 30 Jun 2007

Thanks for the advice. I have been using hh:mm:ss to enter the times, and formatted the cells to display mm:ss. Being a bear of very little brain I frequently forget to enter the hh as 00 and have to go back and correct, which is a pain in the fundament. Is there any way I can just enter mm:ss? As it is, if I enter what I consider to be mm:ss ie 3:55, it defaults to hh:mm:ss ie 03:55:00. Perhaps there may be a way of entering as degrees and seconds of arc?

  m800afc 11:45 30 Jun 2007

I meant minutes of arc, but you probably guessed that :-)

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