Adding a third HHD

  Newuser2 12:12 01 Jun 2006

I have one 120GB HDD & a 60GB HDD which I use for backup.
I'd like to add a second 120GB HDD & still keep the 60 for backup.
The ribbon cable has only two connections both taken up by the current HDD's. Is it possible to buy a ribbon cable with three connections or is this going to cause problems etc.
Or is there a better way to connect the HDD's up.
All HDD's will be Western Digital.
Any advice on jumper Settings will also be helpful.

  De Marcus™ 12:18 01 Jun 2006

You'd normally have two ide channels on a motherboard, each capable of using two ide devices, if your cd and dvd (guess?) are taking up the other ide channel, you can install a pci ide controller, unfortunately you can't daisy chain 3 drives.

  SANTOS7 12:18 01 Jun 2006

click here
what about external...

  De Marcus™ 12:19 01 Jun 2006

Even better ;-)

  Newuser2 12:28 01 Jun 2006

Thanks guys. I'll have to go down the PCI card route, my desk is cluttered enough as it is.
Any recommendations on PCI cards.

  stlucia 12:38 01 Jun 2006

This is what I've used click here It gives you two more connections, each of which can take a 2-drive ribbon cable.

  martytoon 14:48 01 Jun 2006

It may be worth checking that your PSU is up to handling a 3rd drive. I understand an overloaded PSU can result in unstable performance. I'm by no means an expert, just thought I'd mention it - I'm sure the experts on the forum could provide more guidance.

  Newuser2 15:02 01 Jun 2006

Good point martytoon, Fortunately I'm OK on that front PSU is a 500

  DieSse 16:29 01 Jun 2006

It makes a lot of sense to put the backup drive into an external box - then you can remove it from the system when not in use.

Overall, I've probably seen as many faults with PSUs corrupting or even blowing internal drives, as I have drive failures. An external backup drive avoids that problem. I wouldn't be without one.

  Newuser2 17:13 01 Jun 2006

I could mount the 60GB HDD in an external caddy & fit the new 120GB HDD in its place. Decisions.
Any recommendations on ext HDD caddies then.

  DieSse 18:15 01 Jun 2006

Some ideas click here

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