adding a third hard drive

  wetterfugal 18:18 01 Jan 2003
  wetterfugal 18:18 01 Jan 2003

I have a computer running win98 and a 3.5Gb hard drive. some time ago I added a 10GB drive as a slave. I now find that due to mp3 files and graphic files that I am running out of space.

I have programs installed on both drives and I would like to have a drive dedicated to these two file types. is it possible to install a third drive, there are the usual two IDE cables, the fist has the existing hard drives as master and slave and the second runs a CD writer and the original CD player which came with the puter.

Can I remove this CD player and install a third larger capacity hard drive in its place?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:25 01 Jan 2003

Why not buy a USB HD? It saves a lot of messing about, you can use it on other computers and you get to keep the CD here


  spikeychris 18:26 01 Jan 2003

Simple answer is yes..


  spikeychris 18:28 01 Jan 2003

Never used a USB HDD are there any problems with plug and play?

  Totally-braindead 18:29 01 Jan 2003

Yes, however I'm wondering about the age/speed of the 2 drives you have. You might find things faster if the newer 10gig drive was the master and the older drive was the slave. If you buy a new hard drive now say a 40gig it would almost certainly be faster as the master and the stuff you have on the 3.5gig could just be copied onto the new drive. You could then either do away with the smallest drive or the cdrom as you see fit. Another thing to think about might be getting a Raid card they allow you to add many more ide devices and provide a significant speed upgrade for systems, they're quite reasonably priced too.

  worf 18:30 01 Jan 2003

I came across the same problem and was told, to install a third drive I would either have to remove the DVD/CD player or the CDRW.

I think there is some sort of card you can install to enable you to use an external HDD, but I am not 100% sure what it is.
No doubt someone will come up with a solution for you though.

  interzone55 18:32 01 Jan 2003

Providing there is room for a 3rd drive in the case it is easy to just remove the CD-Rom & replace it with a 3rd HDD. If you have no spare 3.5 inch bays you can get mounting caddies to put a HDD in a CD bay.
Set the new HDD as master & the CD/RW as slave.

I would be tempted to start from scratch though, replace the 3.5gb drive with a nice new 40gb drive, reinstall windows onto the 10gb drive, and also use this for any applications, and use the 40gb drive for MP3s etc. This way you don't have to lose the CD-rom, this will make copying CDs easier.


ps While you're at it, bin the CD-Rom drive & gey a DVD-rom, they're only about £20 now.

  worf 18:33 01 Jan 2003

Whoops cross postied there.

Thanks Totally-braindead thats the card I couldn't remember.

  northamuk 18:59 01 Jan 2003

I was running out of space as well, so I bought a Maxtor USB HDD, no problems with plug and play although you might have to install the supplied driver for win98.

  wetterfugal 19:05 01 Jan 2003

GANDALF <|:-)>

I think that this may be the way as I have just finished a 'puter using the same Gigabyte board used in the PCA build project. A external HD would semm to be useful for tranfering file between computers. though I have bought network cards for the new computer [XP] PCI and the [wim98] ISA machine it would be handy to have a 'portable storage device'

The Win98 Would need a USB card and although all four PCI slots are obscured by the onboard sound and graphics connectors I may be able to re-engineer it and fit the connectors elswere.


OK on yes I will give some thought now that I have two ways to go.


The smallest drive is the 3.5GB drive and has the OS on it and I don't think that it is as simple as copying it to the third drive, or is it?

How would the registry feel about that?


My original post said "Can I remove this CD player and install a third larger capacity hard drive in its place?"

I am quite prepared to do this as the CD Drive is redundant now. Gandalf wrote above that I should use a removeable drive, (My poinet has dissapeared now, I can see were it is if it passes over a link, I will have close and reboot. this had happend before, does anyone know what causes it. I have a feeling it is when I accidently press two keys together whilest typing.

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