Adding Text to Digital Photos

  swanson2 16:57 08 Mar 2005


I am looking for a simple (preferably free) programme that will allow me to add captions to my digital photo's before I turn them into slide shows and copy them to CD/DVD.

The software that came with my camera allows me to enhance the pictures but does not allow me to add my own text.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  buscrew 17:07 08 Mar 2005

Photo story 3 from click here

  swanson2 21:58 08 Mar 2005

Thanks for tha buscrew.

Unfortunately Photo Story 3 can only be played back with Windows Media Player and I want to be able to play back my CD/DVD's through my TV with a domestic DVD player.

  jolorna 22:12 08 Mar 2005

photoplus 6 from serif which is a free download and registration click here

  swanson2 23:00 08 Mar 2005

Thanks jolorna just what I was looking for.

Much appreciated.

  GroupFC 23:05 08 Mar 2005

You can often do this with the software you are using to create the slideshow in the first place.

If you have XP, windows moviemaker is free and with this you can make transitions, add sound track etc and add a text overlay to each frame/picture.

  Eargasm 23:38 08 Mar 2005

in my postings

  Stuartli 08:47 09 Mar 2005

Picasa2 is a free, simple but efficient photo editing program which includes an easy photo caption feature:

click here

If you do use Windows MovieMaker, remember that you can download Version 2 from the Microsoft website.

  Buchan 35 10:56 09 Mar 2005

Just what I wanted, a nice easy system, thanks a lot.

  Stuartli 12:01 09 Mar 2005

Also easy with Picasa2 to create backups of pix files and update them as required.

  Buchan 35 19:28 09 Mar 2005

Thanks mate, I`ve already backed up to DVD which I thought safest due to my lack of knowledge. I`ll have to learn about the updating bit.

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