adding sound to a website

  caro456 22:59 03 Dec 2007

Is this easy to do? I'm just getting started in web design, and someone has asked me to design a site which includes relaxing music playing - I think just on the homepage. Also, where can I get music from to use?

  RWest 23:19 03 Dec 2007

caro, i did this on my site - it was an audience chatting and talking plus some music; I'm not sure if anyone noticed as I recorded it a very low volume.

<bgsound="recording.wav" loop="infinite">

made it work. You have to include the file recording.wav - or anything else.wav - in the same folder as index.html. I expect it works with other sound types.

  mco 23:27 03 Dec 2007

No, seriously; it will put people off the site in an instant. If this someone really does insist on music playing as you load the home page then at least give them the option to switch off. (Or even better - have it off by default and give them the option to switch on)

  brundle 00:04 04 Dec 2007

Very much agree with mco, it's the audio equivalent of a pop-up, no matter what the intention.

  Kemistri 00:49 04 Dec 2007

Absolutely annoying!! Provide media that can be played or downloaded, by all means, but never play it automatically. That's a quick route to a nomination on (yes, a real site).

  caro456 13:43 04 Dec 2007

perhaps we won't go there then! Thanks for the responses.

  RWest 23:43 04 Dec 2007

If someone wants sound, it's their choice. I would say though if you add it, put it right at the end so the other stuff loads first. And keep the file short if possible.

  Kemistri 23:53 04 Dec 2007

It is really the choice of those who visit the website. One of the pillars of web design is that should never be forgotten in the rush to add clever widgets. Remember, your visitors will automatically spend about five to ten seconds trying to work out [a] what the site is about and [b] where to click next. Fill their ears with muzak or whatever it is and you are only hampering that process.

It's just as bad as Flash-only pages that cannot be circumvented (heck, Flash-only pages period), mystery meat navigation, code that breaks in a common browser or breaks if you block JS, nauseous colour schemes, and so on.

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  RWest 00:04 06 Dec 2007

kemistri, if you have the sounds at the end, with luck everything else will load first.

  anchor 13:57 02 Jan 2008

Like everything in life, having music on a web page is a matter of personal opinion.

If the person wants a page with relaxing music on the homepage, then it is their choice. I consider that occasionally music enhances some sites.

What sort of relaxing music is appropriate, is up to them. I would certainly suggest a midi file, which is very much smaller than a mp3 or wav file, and thus will download quickly. Yes, it is easy to do.

Have a look, and listen here; is this relaxing enough?.

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