adding a slave harddisk

  woofwoofbark 15:40 30 Aug 2004

Hi There ... im asking if anyone can help , i aint the best when it comes to computer , i have it for keeping intouch with family/friends


a few weeks ago my harddisk locked up on me and I had to clean the whole thing out coz i couldnt access windows or use the comp , anyway a mate gave me a small disk 3.24gb drive that I used till I fixed my original drive and have since put the 40gb back into my comp but my mate suggested that I add the 3.24 as a slave but for some reason when i added it windows will not load up even if i add the smaller drive on its own nothing happens now , it was working fine before and all i have done is replace it with my original drive ... is there anyway possible to access it and to get it running , i have windows xp that I loaded onto it but i want to scrub it and use it as a slave to save my programs onto and use the main for everyday usage

if this makes sence and anyone has any suggestions on what i can/could do , it'd be much appreciated


  boot-it-out 16:15 30 Aug 2004

.. sounds like you had a 40Gb drive that for whatever reason wasn;t operating correctly - it could be that this drive is damaged / faulty etc - you say you took it out and used another drive until you fixed it - what did you do to fix it ?

If the smaller 3.24 Gb drive worked on it's own then there may well be a fault on the 40 Gb drive that is preventing your PC from starting up when it is installed, HOWEVER make sure you have the jumpers on the two drives set correctly -

You should find these on the back of the drive where a small plug fits over one of a pair of small pins - depending where the plug is positioned on the pins determines whether the drive acts as a Master or Slave - there should be a label on the case of the drive to show the different settings ( if not search the manufacturers Web Site ).

The drive being used to Boot up from should be set to Master and the other one set to Slave.

Post details of what you did to fix the 40Gb drive.

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