Adding Second SATA Drive

  Taff™ 09:24 20 Aug 2008

Friends Evesham Computer failed and he bought a Dell Inspiron 530 with SATA HDD. His Old HDD is also SATA and he would like me to transfer his data so I want to install it as a second drive to do this. It has his old XP installation on it. Is it just a question of connecting it up and booting up?

  DieSse 11:33 20 Aug 2008

Yes, it should be.

However using it as an external drive has advantages. You only need to get a SATA external USB case, and fit the drive into it.

When connected to the new system it should also be seen immediately.

The drive can then be used for both longer term storage (media files, for instance) and a a safe backup medium that can be stored away from the main system.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:22 20 Aug 2008

Yes just connect to the sata 2 port (machine normally boots from sata1 port, the first) do forget the power cable.
On boot it should run and you will see it as a second drive in My computer.

  Taff™ 20:00 20 Aug 2008

Thanks for the responses, and it all worked well. On this Dell machine the SATA was set up as (1) Original Dell HDD (2) DVD Drive (3 & 4)Not Connected??? (5) The old HDD - BIOS Settings didn`t help either.

Everything transferred no problem so I`ll wait for them to find something they miss and then format the old drive. Thanks again! Regards to you both.

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