adding a second HDD???????

  second best 13:40 29 Apr 2003

hi, i have just bought a second hdd and would like to use it for all my digital video. could you please tell me how to configure it from start to finish. thnx

  PA28 13:50 29 Apr 2003

Set jumper pins as Slave (the pin location is normally shown on the drive itself) and make sure the pins on the back of your main hard drive is configured as Master (some have a special setting as Master with Slave). Install in your computer and connect it to the middle connector on the same cable as runs to your existing hard drive (IDE 1). Red (or black) stripe along cable designates pin 1 which is normally adjacent to the power connector if it's not keyed. If your existing cable only has one connector, a new one will be needed. Plug in the power and switch on. Your computer should detect and you can should be able to format the drive as you would do a floppy disk. If you run into any problems or questions on the way (as you don't give details of your operating system and each has preferences) then post back. You should use the faster of your drives for digital video - which may pose another question, I suspect...

  woodchip 13:55 29 Apr 2003

First Have your Comp switched off then pull the mains plug out. Remove Covers both sides you will need the right screws not too long or they will damage what’s inside, also right thread these should screw in easy.

Set the jumper on the Drive to Slave I think it's S/L
Connect to centre connector on your Original Drive cable check the red wire on the Ribbon Cable it goes next to Power plug that only goes in one way. Restart your comp and enter CMOS setup to auto detect the drive , If it's a newish comp this may be done Automatic Save settings and Exit CMOS

go into Explorer Right click the new drive and choose format, that's it

  second best 14:26 29 Apr 2003

ok guys, thnx alot for that. i have installed it as you both said. it has been detected and is listed in device manager next to my original drive, but there is no icon for it in my computer?

  second best 14:26 29 Apr 2003

windows 2000 pro

  mrdsgs 14:33 29 Apr 2003

control panel/administrative tools/computer management/disk management.

you should find it in there. find your new drive, right click and you will have options to make it activate it and make it viewable in explorer and my computer

  AndySD 14:43 29 Apr 2003

Or right click on My Computer and choose Manage then Disk Manager...Right Click on the new drive and partition then format it.

  second best 14:46 29 Apr 2003

ok guys, at first i was given a message saying i was not allowed and therefore could not format, but without doing anything else, it is formatting anyway, so i guess i'll just wait and see. i will post back when it's complete. thnx

  second best 15:05 29 Apr 2003

ok, guys. thanks a lot for your help, all seems ok.

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