Adding second Harddrive

  mctrout 11:51 17 Nov 2008

Hello,The motherboard on my daughters PC has failed, but her boss has given her a spare one from work to see if it could help her out.
I have fitted her old harddrives but I am having trouble when I boot the PC up. the first time the screen said Primary IDE found, but it could not seem to find the secondary IDE & said toclick F4. I did this but nothing changed. I then changed the order of the IDE connectors but now the PC cannot find any IDE.
Can somone plese help me out by explaining all the steps I need to take to make them primary & slave. One of the Drives is 40 GB & the other is 160 GB.
Thanks Mac

  Quiller. 12:02 17 Nov 2008

Go into the bios and select the primary IDE slave setting to auto. Press F10 to save and exit. See if it sees the drive now.

It could be that the motherboard is old and it cannot see larger hard drives. i.e. the 160Gb drive. Do you know the make and model of the motherboard you have been given?

  xania 12:58 17 Nov 2008

Matters are not quite that simple. Although you may be able to load up the system in time, what you will now have is a very poorly performing system. The probelm is that your installed system is designed for the old motherboard and, unless you have exactly the same spec, all the drivers will be wrong and fresh ones will be installed. So you system will contain 2 sets of drivers, taking much longer to boot up and down, if it works at all. I strongly recommend that you use the first opportunity to back up all the data and important other files then re-install Windows from scratch.

NB If the old system came with a facility to reinstall to factory settings, this will also relate to the old motherboard. You need to reinstall using a install DVD not tied to the old motherboard.

  xania 13:03 17 Nov 2008

Sorry - forgot to mention. When you swapped the drives, did you change the jumpers? If you put the slave into the wrong connector on the tape on some motherboards the clash will stop them from being seen. Also, as quiller mentioned, you may need special software to see larger HDDs, and you will need to go to the manuafactuer's website to get what you need.

  mctrout 20:31 17 Nov 2008

Hi, Thanks for the replies,the motherboard is nearly 10 years old& I found out the original harddrive was only IO GB. I was going to buy a new PC for myself in the new year, so I think I will buy on in the next few days & give my daughter this one. My granddaughter is studyhard for some exams & it will save her having to keep coming to my house to use a PC. Once again thanks Mac

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