SANAP 10:52 20 Apr 2003

I intend to add a second hard drive, 120gb, to a dell dimension 700mghz pc with 27gb existing. However, I have been told that doing so may slow down my PC considerably.

Is this correct?


  MAJ 10:59 20 Apr 2003

No it shouldn't slow your PC down, but be sure that your BIOS supports a drive of that size before buying it. If it doesn't support that size of drive you will either need a BIOS update or a PCI to IDE interface card.

  Paranoid Android 11:07 20 Apr 2003

Simply adding the drive itself should not slow your sytem. The thing that will make a difference is filling your system with junk data, especially if you allow it to become fragmented. Remember that as the new drive fills up, operations like backup, scandisk and defrag will take much longer, and the temptation is to not bother.

A reasonable compromise would be to keep your system files on one drive and your data files, games, MP3s, images etc on another. Manage your sytem carefully and you should be OK.

Depending on how good your old drive is you need to consider which one to make the master. If they are both ATA100 then I suggest you keep the old one as master, but clean it out, and use the new one as slave.


  cream. 11:08 20 Apr 2003

As MAJ suggests check your bios. You can also download a utility from the hard drive manufacturer to get the bios to accept the new drive.

This can can sometimes over come the cost of buying a controller card or having to flash the bios, this can sometimes have disastrous results.

  SANAP 11:15 20 Apr 2003

thanks all for quick response


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