Adding a second hard-drive

  lewis187 18:32 11 May 2004

i am going to purchase a second hard-drive , maybe around 120gb+, yet have a few questions:

>>>>>Does anyone know a good site where i can buy one from CHEAPLY !
>>>>>what should i look for when buying one? (eg buffer, cache etc as i am not very knowledgable about what it all means!)
>>>>>and how would i go about setting up my second hard-drive to run alongside my first one? (eg all that slave/master stuff and how i would install it and how it would fit in...etc)

  LeadingMNMs 18:47 11 May 2004

Try click here for cheap HDD's. I have to say I don't know about cache and buffers but I'm sure the bigger the better. As for fitting it, I assume you have a standard IDE connector rather than a SATA one. I would set up the second drive on the same cable as the 1st drive and set to slave (if the other one stores the operating system). Upon starting the computer hopefully the drive should be found automatically.

  powerless 19:08 11 May 2004
  expertec 19:34 11 May 2004

Ha! I was just going to post that ;-)

  pj123 19:50 11 May 2004

Let us know what your computer specification is now. ie. operating system, current hard disk size, memory size, etc.. all this will have a bearing on what maximum hard drive you can install. For example if your computer is fairly old it may not accept 120gb hard drive. I'm sure you don't want to pay for something that doesn't work.

  Mister Splendid 21:23 11 May 2004

You could try here:- click here Will tell you where to find one at a good price.

  lewis187 21:30 11 May 2004

my pc is 2.4ghz, windows xp, 40gb HDD, 768 mb RAM, crap 64mb on-board graphics :( !!...
can you tell me anything from that information?

  expertec 22:26 11 May 2004

Adding an extra hard drive should be easy, just follow powerless's tutorial

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