Adding a second hard disk

  The Belarussian Mafia 13:40 30 Oct 2003

If I add a second hard disk to my PC does it have to be the same speed and or size as the first?

Will the computer recognise the new disk and assign it a letter automatically, or is there a special routine of some kind involved?

  plankton 13:43 30 Oct 2003

a)Not necessarily
b)If you download the install software from the manufacture's website it'll be automated, and all you have to do is reply with what you would like.

  holly polly 14:15 30 Oct 2003

gday ,adding 2nd hdd is a fairly easy affair ,doesnt really matter about size and ata speed ,though i suspect the hdd you are currently using is of the ide type ,if you would like to provide details of your comp spec and os (as win 98 doesnt like large hdd-but there is a work around )can advise you better ,normally its a case of opening the comp ,if you want to keep your current hdd as your primary drive ,then no need to touch this one ,however if you want your new hdd as your primary drive and your old hdd as your secondary you will have to change the jumpers on the hdds(usually a small plastic block which goes on diffrent pins for diffrent configurations )details usually printed on the hdds ,once you have sorted your jumpers out place hdds in relavent bays ,one point when working with hdds it is adviable to turn off comp at mains and then ground yourself to the comp chassis to prevent the possibility of damaging the hdd due to static ,this done locate the ide cable and insert into back of hdd IT IS ONLY MEANT TO GO ONE WAY ,the ide cable will have one really noticable red lead this and the power cable for the hdd go side by side ie looking from the back of the hdd the power connector with the red lead ,usually fits so the red lead is nearest the ide connector fit ide cable so red lead on this ,is parallel to red lead on power connector ,the ide cable usually has two ide connectors on it master and slave ,first one on lead is usually master one on end of lead slave ,connect as instructed ,boot up comp and goto bios usually by hitting del during bootup ,check if there is a function to automatically detect hdd ,that done hdd should be detected all thats left is to partition and format ,and you'll be cooking on gaS ,NOT HARD TO DO TOOK ME LONGER TO TYPE IT THEN IT ACTUALLY TAKES TO DO -as stated if you provide details of your present system can point you in right direction -have fun -regards - hol pol...

  hawkshead 14:49 30 Oct 2003

could any size hdd be added

  The Belarussian Mafia 15:04 30 Oct 2003

Thanks plankton & hp for all the above advice!

Current spec: Athlon 750 (with the most enormous fan & heatsink), 192MB RAM, Win98SE, 15MB HDD (5400 speed if I remember correctly). I'd like to install something like a 160GB drive (as I understand it IDE=parallel ATA, right?)

I think I could keep the present hard disk as the primary drive - for the bootable partition and basic tasks such as word-processing. The new drive would be used for games and multi-media applications (and eventually a bootable XP partition).

I presume the two HDDs would necessarily been seen by the computer as two partitions. This would suit me fine.

PS Might any power supply / extra heat issues arise? How are you supposed to gauge such issues? Maybe I should start a new thread!

  Djohn 15:05 30 Oct 2003

within reason, yes. It will depend on the O/S [Operating system] and the motherboard. Most boards of the past year or so will accept large drives, a BIOS update may or may not be required.

Different size and speed drives will work fine on the same IDE cable and run at their respective speeds. IE: 5400 or 7200 RPM. Regards. j.

  Djohn 15:09 30 Oct 2003

Sorry, my answer was directed to-ward hawkshead question concerning size of drive, but will apply to your question as well. I forgot to refresh the page before posting and did not see your post at 15:04 j.

  The Belarussian Mafia 15:09 30 Oct 2003

Sounds like my four-year-old "AMD ATX" motherboard might struggle! Anyone know?

  woodchip 15:30 30 Oct 2003

If I was you I would get two 60gb instead of a 160gb. you then have a safety zone on other disc that you can put backup Image files and other info, They are easy to fit if your BIOS will recognise the size. PS I do not like Disc Wizards, as they use Drive Overlay software that can cause problems using Disc software and they are no easy to remove once on. They are normally easy to setup, But come back hear when you have got one

  plankton 16:45 30 Oct 2003

"I think I could keep the present hard disk as the primary drive - for the bootable partition and basic tasks such as word-processing. The new drive would be used for games and multi-media applications (and eventually a bootable XP partition)."

You may want to partition a big disk anyway. It's a lot easier if you do it on original setup, otherwise you'll need extra help with a partitioning wizard. 160Gb is pretty big!

I'm not sure about W98SE, but a m8 put an extra drive in his and had all sorts of problems (search for TBH1 problems!!)

"Might any power supply / extra heat issues arise?"

Yes, you'll need to have at least a good airflow, and fan, and check your PSU (300w min recommended, although mine's only got 250)

  DieSse 17:51 30 Oct 2003

Useful info on Win98 and very large drives click here

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