Adding a second hard disk!

  Tattooeddude 21:26 28 Jul 2003

I would like to add another 80Gb hard disk to my set up. My motherboard is a Gigabyte KT Triton 400 (GA-7VA) series. Would that motherboard be able to support a 180gb hard disk?

Thanks in advance

  ade.h 22:24 28 Jul 2003

I haven't used that brand of MoBo (mine's as Abit) but it should be fine provided your BIOS is up to date. If you want to update it but aren't sure how, check or Also, there's a guy in Holland who can sell you a new chip - can't remember his web address though.

  keith-236785 22:38 28 Jul 2003

unless your bios supports it, stick to a 120 gig h/d, i have seen several threads relating to problems over 136mb, just check things out, go to the web site of your motherboard and check for bios updates. also check your motherboard manual for info.

click here, choose your country and download the bios update, the rest is up to you, you will need instructions how to flash your motherboard bios (if you need to).

good luck

  keith-236785 22:42 28 Jul 2003

click here for flashing instructions.

  Mysticnas 22:47 28 Jul 2003

i've never heard of anyone having probs with hard drives because of motherboards. I know you can have probs if you try to use large drives with Win98 or lower. But Win2K and XP home/pro are i believe designed to be able to take drives in measures of Terrabytes in size.

But you should keep a look out for driver updates and bios updates for hardware.

  BillEmm 23:35 28 Jul 2003

dont forget the cooling aspect.

Be sure your case cooling can adequately cope with an additional HDD; and if it is a 7200rpm racer then it requires a fair bit of clearance from any other drive/s. Modern quality cases have the additional space incorporated but older disk cages were designed for 5400rpm drives.

Just a thought.


  temp003 08:48 29 Jul 2003

The GA-7VA uses the VIA 8235 south bridge which supports IDE hdds larger than 137GB [It supports ultra ATA 133 which usually means it supports hdds large than 137GB]. The original BIOS for the mobo (released on 29/8/02) should already support Big Drives. There's only one BIOS update available on the Gigabyte site for this mobo, which only relates to support for new Barton CPUs. So you can assume that your BIOS supports over 137GB hdds.

Since you're not trying to install Windows on the new hdd from scratch, but just adding it as a 2nd hdd, Windows should recognise the hdd.

Within Windows, first make sure you have installed your motherboard drivers (especially for the ATA 133 IDE controller). Shut down. Add the disk with proper settings, go into BIOS to check that it's recognised, then boot into Windows.

Also, Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3 or SP4 both provide native support for IDE hdds larger than 137GB (or 128GB in Windows).

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