Adding a second drive to a laptop - questions

  nimicitor 22:11 09 Dec 2015

I would like to put a SSD and HDD (both 1TB) into a laptop and have an adapter that changes the DVD drive into a second hard drive bay. I intend to install Windows 10 and a Linux distro of some sort on one drive and use the other one for my files.

For best performance, which drive should I install in the second bay (that used to have a dvd drive in)? Which drive should I install the operating systems on and would I be correct in saying that they both need to be formatted as NTFS except the Linux partition which will be ext4? I hope to freely access and edit files from both OS's.

Will GRUB be able to load Windows 10 or do I need to change some Windows settings?

Thanks for any help

  wee eddie 01:33 10 Dec 2015

And where in your Laptop do you expect to install the Second Hard Drive?

  alanrwood 08:57 10 Dec 2015

The OP has said he will install it via an adaptor in the DVD drive bay. These are fairly easy to obtain. You lose the DVD but gain a hard drive.

  wee eddie 10:47 10 Dec 2015

One lives and learns. I didn't think that the space was suitable

  nimicitor 22:10 18 Dec 2015

So can anyone help me on this?

  rdave13 22:31 18 Dec 2015

HDD on DVD drive bay for data only. C:\ drive for both OSs. With Windows 10 and a partition for Linux on the same drive, you will need to join a linux distro forum to see how to dual boot especially if you have UEFI.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:34 18 Dec 2015

a 1TB SSD will be very expensive if you can get one.

SDD needs to replace current HDD

click here for how to change settings so grub works with win 10

  rdave13 22:37 18 Dec 2015

Be aware if your laptop is new with UEFI then any installed HDDS should be GPT not MBR.

  lotvic 00:12 19 Dec 2015

putting an SSD in your laptop optical bay was news to me too, I found a useful 'howto' article on superuser click here

  rdave13 00:37 19 Dec 2015

Finding the right caddy for the optical space might be a problem in some laptops.

You will have to investigate further on 'GRUB' for dual boot with Windows 10 and Linux and on a UEFI mobo. Also GPT discs and to enable a ext4 partition to install your particular Linux.

  rdave13 00:53 19 Dec 2015

See this 2014 Partitioning Schemes for Ubuntu.

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