Adding SATA to Ultra ATA hdd

  Wilkoandout 21:34 07 Feb 2004

Will there be any compatability or data transfer issues when increasing storage in SATA format to an Ultra ATA booted system? MB is an A7N8X, grateful for any advice or practical tips.

  Chegs © 22:04 07 Feb 2004

I presently run a SATA RAID system,I had major hassles with a SATA only install,the OS crashed every three days requiring repair procedure to get another 3 days etc.

I was advised to setup the SATA drives with a small partition to carry the OS,this I did and it cured my 3 days crashes.

I then installed my previous IDE hdd,to carry the OS and set the SATA hdd's as vast storage(2x120Gb)This was fine,I was happy until reading up on SATA hdd's set me of with an urge to see how they performed speed wise.I was horrified to find that IDE + SATA was running really slowly.

After several days of reading up on the web,updating driver for SATA,flashing the Silicon Image controllers firmware,and eventually the firmware on the SATA hdd's too,I tried removing the IDE hdd.The SATA's instantly shot up in speed to a comparable level of other SATA systems.

So,to answer your question,no ATA doesn't have problems with SATA,but the reverse.

  Wilkoandout 08:24 08 Feb 2004

Thanks Chegs,

My plan was to increase performance as well as increase you have certainly given me much to think about. I'm very wary of migrating the OS to a partition on a new SATA hdd. I too had thought to keep the OS on the IDE!

Any advice on effective transfer software might be useful.


  Chegs © 12:49 08 Feb 2004

I use DriveImage(2002)

Run from floppy,so it has no bother with NTFS filesystems.

click here

click here

click here

  961 13:04 08 Feb 2004


..having just bought a new motherboard to allow faster AMD processors which arrived with support for both SATA and IDE I get the drift that, for the moment, I am probably advised to stick with IDE if I want another hard disk to cope with video editing?

  Chegs © 13:16 08 Feb 2004

I use my system for video editing,it has taken me weeks to cfg the system so I get stability.I wouldn't have had so many problems if I had opted for a "clean" install of XP to a small partition,and not ran thru all kinds of hdd cfg's.I have tried SATA only,SATA+IDE(present setup)RAID and then added the IDE afterwards(I haven't tested this setups speed yet)The SATA hdd's ARE an efficient addition.

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