adding rambus

  citadel 21:09 05 May 2003

I wish to add 128 ram to my computer. I have looked inside the computer, there are 4 slots two are filled with 128 of ram and two have blank pieces fitted.
I have downloaded the mb manual but I would like to know what the tech terms mean.
1 use the equal type, size, and density.
2 support up to 32 direct rambus devise.
3 support ecc single bit correction and multiple bit error detection {setting in bios}
4 100mhz pc 600/800 rimm.
It is a p4, socket 423 mboard.

  VoG™ 21:33 05 May 2003

If you go to click here and enter your motherboard details, it will tell you what sort of RAM is suitable.

be careful because of the dual channel architecture you will need to instal the rimms in pairs and they will all have to match if you have two 64mb rimms the other two will have to be 64mb rimms the same as the old ones, i made the same upgrade myself (msi 850 pro2 mobo) it was cheaper to just buy 2 128mb rimms so now i have 2 spare 64mbrimms spare. ecc costs a little more but corrects memory errors on the fly which is a good idea, rambus rimms come in 16 and 32 bit versions. just make sure everything you put in matches.

  CODEYE 23:31 05 May 2003

you will find Crucial do not stock rambus memory.
go to click on memory then dram then rdram, you will then be able to search through data sheets, rambus rimms and lable information, this gives you everything you want to know to compair your rimm's in your computer with lable information. It gives you part Nos., speed, ecc suport,year, week code etc.
places that stock rimm's.
click here

I'm still thinking about adding more rimm's to mine.

hope this helps you.

  CODEYE 00:01 06 May 2003

sorry new to this. I didn't get these click here's right. try this.

click here

click here

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:11 06 May 2003

It is normal to have 4 slots for RIMMS (rambus memory) and they all have to have 'something' in them for the PC to work. You would typically find two blanking plates - as you seem to have done.

If you have two 64mb RIMMS then you need to buy another two 64mb to make a total of 2x128 (256mb). There should be nothing to stop you buying 2x128s to take the total memory higher - cost is one factor to bear in mind.

RIMMS are one of the most expensive and least used memory types. You may not actually see that much difference by adding 128mb, it will depend on what you use your PC for.

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