Adding RAM to speed things up?

  User-9323FC97-E4E8-4F1A-8C1E871A591FC908 23:07 30 Apr 2003

A rep at PC World component centre convinced me that the best first step to take to increase the performance of my PC was to add an additional RAM card.
My Pc runs Windows XP, has a 80GB hard drive, a 2100+xp processor, and had 512 DDR memory in the form of two 256 DDR cards.
The rep sold me a single 512 DDR memory card and some earthing wrist bands.
I was already patting myself on the back having followed the simple instructions even before replacing the side panel on my tower. On booting up for the first time and checking their rate was 1024 RAM - fantastic I thought this will certainly make a difference, and it certainly did!
The PC was no quicker in any way shape or form. It did however freeze and reboot itself continually during any applications needless to say I quickly removed the additional card.
Everything back to normal now I wonder have I done something fundamentally wrong? Should any additional memory card in the same as already fitted - 256DDR?
I'll be most grateful for any suggestions.


  PSF 23:14 30 Apr 2003

Did you put the 512 strip in the 3rd slot, if you did try removing it and fitting it into the first slot, and move the other 256 strip to the third slot.

To check the new strip is working you could take out the other two and run the pc to see that it runs without errors. Then try refitting the other two strips, make sure they are pushed in firmly.

  deecee50 23:35 30 Apr 2003

DDR memory mobo,s are notoriusly fussy as to the brands of memory they use, remove your existing memory and fit new module, if computer still rubbish return the new chip and get your money back as it is not compatible with your mobo, to find out which brands have been tested with your mobo go to the mobo website

  deecee50 23:38 30 Apr 2003

a machine of the spec you started with should not be in anyway slow , unless its for gaming, is this its primary use, if so look to your graphics card as on a gaming machine this is where the bulk of the performance comes from NOT the processor or memory.

  VoG™ 23:48 30 Apr 2003

As per deecee50 you already have a 'puter that should be incredibly fast. I question the need for extra RAM unless you are using it for specialised applications like video editing.

  User-312386 23:58 30 Apr 2003

i have an AMD 2200XP with 512mb DDR ram with windows XP

It flies

Why would you need more memory

As the others say do you do a lot of video editing?

  PSF 23:59 30 Apr 2003

As deecee50 says if the new ram does not work on it's own take it back to PCW. Then buy it from Crucial they will supply the ram that will work with your motherboard.

click here

  citadel 18:52 01 May 2003

In the past I have read articles in magazines that said adding too much ram can slow your computer down. I can't remember the reason why.

  Patr100 18:57 01 May 2003

That does often apply to Win 98 but XP should be able to handle more, though my felling is that 512 is enough for most except maybe as said for high intensity editing or animation.

  PSF 18:59 01 May 2003

XP is happy with large amounts of ram, it is the older Windows that were not happy with over 512 mb.

The memory management in XP is far superior to the older Windows.

  -pops- 19:02 01 May 2003

The Crucial website explains why an excess of RAM will slow down your machine.

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