Adding RAM to a laptop

  VoG II 18:45 18 Jan 2004

Daughter recently got a Medion Microstar laptop. It has 128 MB RAM running XP and she finds it slow compared to my desktop with 512 MB RAM.

How easy is it to add RAM to a laptop? Anybody with any experience or know of any tutorial websites?

I appreciate that doing this is likely to invalidate the warranty.

No rush - she has to save up before we can even order the RAM!

  jim1947 18:59 18 Jan 2004

Very easy to do. there is usually a cover on the underside covering an expansion slot. Insert the new memory at a 45 degree angle and push home. Replace cover and off you go.

  Al94 19:02 18 Jan 2004

you buy here click here Next day delivery, great prices, free delivery and quality RAM. Easy "look up tool". Have never used anywhere else.

  spikeychris 19:10 18 Jan 2004

Really is as simple as jim1947 says, its easier than fitting to a desktop..30 seconds of a job.

  Al94 19:12 18 Jan 2004

Sometimes under they keyboard which is easy to remove. Check the manual or search online for instructions on your particular laptop. Usually dead easy.

  GuyR 19:18 18 Jan 2004

it is an easy job BUT you need to study the laptop to find out exactly how the case splits. My IBM had a screw and latch to release the keyboard then it was a simple lift out the keyboard and drop in new RAM chip. Crucial are probably best people to buy from

  crimbo 19:23 18 Jan 2004

Did the laptop come with a manual detailing where the RAM was located? It is the easiest of upgrades for a laptop.

  [email protected] 19:43 18 Jan 2004

on my laptops 1 advent 1 compaq & 1 acer the ram ports are at the bottom with either 1 or 2 scews to remove cover, however as jim1947 say's its simple to upgrade the ram but use a quality ram stick/s

[email protected]

  accord 19:46 18 Jan 2004

My IBM laptop has a cover on the underside. Simply remove the screw and cover and there was the spare slot. 2 minute job max.

  Big Elf 20:11 18 Jan 2004

Also have a look at Offtek at click here

  keenan 20:16 18 Jan 2004

Theres a video tutorial, just

click here

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