Adding Ram

  Thomo1 09:52 26 Aug 2006

Hey all,

Just brought 2 sticks of pc133 512mb sdram for my system.

However upon installation they are about 1cm taller than my old ram (256mb), and when fitted does not allow the HDD bay to be fitted back in as the ram is too tall.

On the sticker on my old 256 ram is says: 32x64 PC133.

im guessing the 32x64 is the dimension size?

Does bigger ram size mean bigger physical sticks or do they make bigger sized sticks at the same size as my old 256mb stick?

If that makes sence?


  Diodorus Siculus 10:08 26 Aug 2006

I've seen that with a few advent machines; can the hard disk drive go into another location?

  Thomo1 10:21 26 Aug 2006

no it cant go anywhere else.

I think i have just discovered mhy they are bigger tho!

Upon going a bit of googling it looks like i have brought ECC ram and my old ram was non ecc.

All of the non ecc sticks ive just stumbled across look the same size as my old ones.

The ecc ram i have just brought has the 8 chips horizontal accross the stick and then 3 smaller chips vertically accros the stick underneath!

  robert01 16:17 27 Aug 2006

I recommend that you buy new RAM from a company called Crucial - you enter your motherboard details and they tell you exactly what RAM you need. I have used them to upgrade several times and you really cannot go wrong.

  vinnyT 13:02 28 Aug 2006

You could buy some 3.5" to 5.25" Hard Drive Mounting Brackets, then mount your hd in a spare 5.25" bay, £4.99 (inc vat) from click here, (bottom of the page). You should then be able to install your ram.

Hope this helps

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