Adding PS3 to network using a hub?

  Salamander7 11:01 22 Dec 2012

I have recently purchased a PS3 and would like to add it to my network. I currently have router in an upstairs room and it is linked to my PC in the basement using an ethernet cable.My new PS3 will also go in the basement. Question: as there is only the single cable going to the basement could I link the PS3 using a hub? I have a small Netgear hub left over from years ago would this work? If I did use the hub would I get full speed on the PC or PS3 as long as one or the other was switched off or would I always get half speed regardless?

Can anyone of you kind people offer advice?

  mgmcc 13:16 22 Dec 2012

What you need is a Network Switch which you connect to the existing "incoming" ethernet cable and this will give you additional RJ45 ethernet ports. These ports will run at your full network speed, which is dependent on the ports of the Router and Switch, i.e. 100Mbps or 1Gbps (1000Mbps). Obviously the available bandwidth will be shared by the active connections using the network.

If your "Hub" is what I think it is, i.e. a Network Hub, this is a less intelligent version of a Network Switch. A "Switch" sends packets of data to the correct IP address in the network, whereas a "Hub" sends all of the packets of data to all IP addresses in the network and lets the devices sort out what is theirs. This is less efficient and Hubs often have an LED to indicate when data collisions are occurring. The more collisions there are, the slower transfers of data will be.

  Salamander7 14:41 22 Dec 2012

Thank you for your reply. I think the device I have is a five port hub. It has the LEDs you refer to. Because the ps3 and the PC are the only devices using that connection I think I will use the old hub rather than buying a switch because data collision will not be an issue with only two devices connected and rarely switched on at the same time. The upstairs router connects to other family members laptops via Wifi its remaing wired ports are not used. Obviously the best idea would be to connect the PS3 directly to one of the routers unused ports but this is not practical because of its proximity.

  difarn 15:50 22 Dec 2012

If that doesn't work have you considered using Home Plugs with ethernet connections. The PS3 could be connected directly to the router via the long ethernet cable you now have running to your basement and the PC can be connected to the home plug in the basement.

  Salamander7 19:40 22 Dec 2012

I had considered the home plug idea but what put me off was the idea that the homeplug only networks with plugs on the same ring circuit (if that is the right term). I am pretty sure our basement will be on a different ring to the bedroom two floors up. I visualised buying it, spending hours discovering it wont work and then having to take it back to the shop. I will go down the hub route and if that fails I'll buy a switch. But I appreciate you being interested enough to post the suggestion. Thank you.

  difarn 21:02 22 Dec 2012

I believe that as long as they all come from the same consumer unit that they should work ok. See FAQ's in attached article.

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