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I run 2 PCs - desktop with XP Home & laptop with W2K - connected to the Internet via a Belkin F5D5230-4 wired router and a separate modem.

I have a HP PSC750 'All-in-one' printer connected to the desktop & need to print from either the desktop or the laptop. At present, I am disconecting the USB lead & pluging this into whatever PC I want to use - but this is not ideal.

A friend has advised that I can connect the printer directly to the the Belkin router using an RJ45/USB lead, which would mean that all PCs on the network has acccess to this [my son is also on the network, so this would be an added bonus for him.]

Is this possible?



  [DELETED] 11:37 01 May 2006

Why not just go Start then Printers and Faxes and right click on the printer and Share it. Assuming the pc's are networked then you can add the printer on the pc's and laptop in Printers and Faxes. You wont be able to share the scanner though.

Your printer does not support networking via the router as it needs to be connected to a pc.

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I am in full agreement with AndySD and pretty sure that you can't just buy a simple adapter to convert a USB printer to give it network capability. Network printers cost significantly more than standard printers and have an RJ45 connector already installed. Print servers are available such as the Netgear PS121 click here at just over £50.00 and if it was as simple as your friend suggests then there wouldn't be a market for such devices.
The simplest way is to share your printer as he suggests. click here for full instructions on how to do this.

  mgmcc 12:04 01 May 2006

An alternative solution because Micro$tuff's "File & Printer Sharing" doesn't support the Scanning and Copying functions, is to use a USB switch. I use this solution with a Belkin USB switch (software switching from the PC) which lets me connect up to four computers to a USB peripheral. I have full P/S/C functionality from two desktop PCs and a Mac using this.

Actually, by plugging a USB hub into the switch, I have the three computers able to access either of two printers - PSC or Laser.

  [DELETED] 16:27 01 May 2006

Hi AndySD, Eric10, - I thought that his idea was too obvious and easy :0) I will try your suggestion later.

mgmcc - your suggestion, although good, won't work in my case as I don't have a usb cable long enough to reach to my son's room! [Diagonally opposite my office]



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