Adding A Printer Directly To The Router

  jimforrest 15:42 03 May 2014

Hi, I have a Samsung Laptop running Win7 Home Premium SP1. I have an HP Printer F300 connected to the network via a USB cable to a desktop computer which is hard-wired to the wireless Router (an old Freeserve/Wannadoo unit). The desktop is ancient now and I want to remove it - but the printer isn't wireless.

I can connect the printer via USB direct to the Router, but when I do my wireless laptop can't 'see' it - no matter what I do. Does anyone have any idea whether it can be done?

  onthelimit1 15:59 03 May 2014

Not 100%, but pretty sure that the printer has to be connected to a computer that's switched on to be accessible to other computers.

  jimforrest 17:38 03 May 2014

Oh dear - looks like I need a wireless printer then.

  alanrwood 18:07 03 May 2014

Depends on the router. How is the USB socket configured. You need to look up the router spec and what the USB socket can be used for. Most are to allow a 3/4G dongle to be connected as an internet back up so I am not hopeful.

Why not just connect the printer to the Laptop if you are getting rid of the desktop.

  jimforrest 18:17 03 May 2014

The printer is 20 feet away in a cupboard - so I'd have to run a cable across the room. One thought - I wonder if I can get a USB/wireless adapter?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 03 May 2014

make and model of router (Livebox?)

I have done what you want but using a hacked BT Home Hub 2a

  jimforrest 08:34 04 May 2014

The Router is a Wanadoo B8CO and is a good 8 years old or so now. A wireless printer is only about 30 quid or so - but the HP F300 is not very old and too good to just throw away.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:03 04 May 2014

Can't find any info on that router does it have another nme or product number


  jimforrest 12:15 04 May 2014

It's an Inventel (Version V5.10) Wanadoo B8CO Livebox 00:16:AE:45:B8:CO.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:05 04 May 2014

So its a live box - click on my livebox link (in red) for instructions on how to connect a printer to the router USB port.

  jimforrest 14:16 04 May 2014

Brilliant Fruit Bat. The XP instructions are slightly different to Win7 but it works just great.

You just saved a good printer from being scrapped!

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