Adding people to Facebook

  exdragon 09:29 18 Dec 2011

Hi - when I log into Facebook, all of a sudden there are hundreds of people in the 'Add people you know' section. I only have four family members as my contacts, but these others are their friends and possibly friends of a friend.

How do I get rid of this list? They aren't people who have sent me a request to be their friend, as I can 'confirm or not now' them. With all the others, there's only one option - add a friend. I don't really want my granddaughters' ramblings of 'gunna get ratted 2nite'.

  exdragon 16:39 18 Dec 2011

There isn't one. No. 1 is Accept your friend's request while No. 2 is Add people you know. Next to each of their pictures, it says +1 Add Friend.

  exdragon 20:41 18 Dec 2011

Quite so, Woolwell. I'm only there so I can see pictures of my family, none of whom live in England. What seems odd is that the list only appeared yesterday - I don't think I did anything any different to what I've been doing over the past couple of years.

Yet another of life's little mysteries, I suppose.

  Strawballs 21:23 18 Dec 2011

The x will apear when you hover in the top right corner.

  exdragon 22:40 18 Dec 2011

Are we looking at different things? My other half set up an account and I selected 'Find Friends' at the top right of my screen. He was having trouble finding me, so I wanted to try from my account. As Woolwell, the pictures don't have an x.

The heading is 'Add personal contacts as friends' and then there's a list of half a dozen mail clients (btinternet, o2, Skype etc) followed by the photos.

  exdragon 08:29 19 Dec 2011

Huh - that's a nuisance. I must have done somthing wrong though, unless they changed it a couple of days ago! I'll leave this open just in case anyone has found a work round.

  exdragon 09:54 19 Dec 2011

Well, I don't know if it will help and it's going to take time, but if you click on the Find Friends button and then open someone's picture, you can block them by clicking on the Settings button (next to Add Friend and Message).

If you then want to 'unblock' anyone, you can do so by editing the Blocked People and Apps list in Privacy settings.

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