Adding new replaceable hardrives - is it possible?

  patrickbuckley 17:02 23 Jun 2003

At present I have two 20Gb replaceable hard drives in caddies. I want to to buy 2 bigger replaceable hard drives (about 60Gb) but would like to be able to use my older ones in addition. Can my system (?BIOS) recognise the differently-sized hard drives upon start-up or can I only use 2 of the same size? I enclose details of my motherboard, etc:
EPOX 266MHzFSB DDRam Athlon/Duron

AMD Thunderbird 1.3GHz (266FSB), Socket A,

VIA KT266 AGPset (VT8366 + VT8233

  woodchip 17:10 23 Jun 2003

I think you will find that it only recognises the drive that's been detected, try swapping the drives to see if you have any probs. ie put the drive in the other caddie

  Pamy 17:49 23 Jun 2003

you can have hundreds if you wish.


  wee eddie 19:03 23 Jun 2003

and use an external drive

  jazzypop 19:24 23 Jun 2003

If you set your BIOS to 'autodetect' your IDE devices (hard drives) at startup, it will interrogate the drives, and work out whether they are 20, 60, or 120GB, or whatever.

This assumes that your BIOS can accept drives of greater than 32GB capacity - some older motherboards had this limit. Your motherboard manual / the epox website should tell you iof you have this restriction. If you do, there is probably a BIOS upgrade available to overcome the 32GB limit.

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