adding new program to "Open With ...!"

  Yimbo 16:14 18 Nov 2013

From My pictures folder and choosing a photo, when I select "Open with.." the program I want to "Open with" is not listed.

How can I get this new program listed?

  Zak 16:21 18 Nov 2013
  Yimbo 19:08 18 Nov 2013

Thanks Zak - - and sorry about the double post and resulting confusion!

Your response seems to apply to Windows 7 - but I'm using XP (Home). Will the same sort of instructions apply?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:18 18 Nov 2013

For XP

right click file select properties

Opens with = click change button

select your program from the list

click OK

  Yimbo 10:23 19 Nov 2013

Thanks Fruit Bat/\0/. I select the file>Properties>Opens with - - but the program I want to use is not listed in "Opens with". How do I get it listed?

  hiwatt 10:30 19 Nov 2013

There should be a "browse" option to let you look for the program you want to use.Go to program files(or wherever the .exe file for program is located and click on that!

  Yimbo 12:22 19 Nov 2013

Thanks hiwatt, The program I want to use is Magix Photo Designer 7. Right clicking on the photo, then "Open with>choose program" gives a list of options, but the Designer 7 is not one of them. What I really need is to have this program included in the browsing list shown in "Open with..". This would enable me just to right click on any photo as required, and go straight into the program.

Sorry if I'm not explaining this too well!

  Jollyjohn 12:49 19 Nov 2013

Go Start All programs and look for Designer 7 RIGHT click on the program and select properties. In the properties box there is a box called Target - make a note of this location.

Then go back to hiwatt post and browse to the target location

  hiwatt 15:27 19 Nov 2013

Another way to do it is right click on the program you want to use(in start/programs)Right click and click on "Send To" and choose desktop.This will create a shortcut to the program on your desktop.Now browse to desktop and click on that file and choose open with(select the always use this program to open file option)

  Yimbo 10:31 20 Nov 2013

Thanks folks for your help! I'm afraid I'm not getting very far with this issue.

Jollyjohn: I can "browse to the target location" - but what then? Nothing I do seems to get me any nearer to what I want.

hiwatt: I follow you down to "Now browse to desktop ..". When I click on the shortcut, I get a box offering a range of options, but there is
no "open with" to choose. Am I missing something or doing it wrong?

On the face of things, it should be a fairly simple matter to get this Magix program listed in "Open with", but I'm just stumped.

I'm probably trying your patience, guys, sorry!

  Jollyjohn 11:15 20 Nov 2013

Once you know where Designer 7.exe is.

Right click on the file you want to open

open with

browse - to Designer 7.exe

Tick box "always use this program..."


And that should be it.

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