Adding A new LAptop To Existing Wireless Network

  01chris 21:47 05 Oct 2005

I have an ad-hoc wireless network running between my pc and laptop. My mum has a new Dell Latitude D600 from work (Running xp pro SP2) which I want to add to the network. I have a FAIR bit of experience with this kind of thing but I am having trouble getting it to connect properly. I used the "View available wireless networks" screen and it picked up my existing network and it says it is connected. Then when I double click on the wireless network icon it says it is connected at 54mbps (being an adhoc network it should be 11) something fishy already! Then it says it has sent around 200 packets and recieved none. And when it gets an IP address it gets one begining in 169.254 and my network uses 192.168.0.XXX. (I ended up setting it to a fixed address) When I view workgroup computers it only shows itself and when I do the same on the other two computers they dont show it.

What am I doing wrong?

  mgmcc 12:47 06 Oct 2005

<<<Then when I double click on the wireless network icon it says it is connected at 54mbps (being an adhoc network it should be 11)>>>

While the 802.11g standard only REQUIRES an 11Mbps connection when used in "Ad Hoc" mode, your WiFi adapters COULD support a 54Mbps Ad Hoc connection.

The 169.254 IP address indicates that the adapter has been unable to get its address from a DHCP server and, although you can allocate a fixed IP address, that doesn't solve the fundamental problem that the adapter cannot access your "Internet Connection Sharing" HOST PC.

I have read in these forums that ICS over a wireless link in an "Ad Hoc" network only supports one "client" PC, but as I only have two wireless adapters and a router, I cannot check this for myself. Personally, I see no reason why this should be the case. Certainly a "wired" network with ICS and two clients works, because I've tested that.

Try shutting down YOUR laptop and see if the NEW laptop can then get an IP address by DHCP from the "host" PC.

  01chris 16:25 06 Oct 2005

No luck. I tried your suggestion and I got the same thing.

Thanks anyway

  raeman 19:58 06 Oct 2005

Don't know if this helps you but i have the same laptop from work which is configured to log onto the company domain . It connects fine to my wireless network at home(in this case infrastructure) but only to connect to the outside world ,neither my PC or the other laptop in the house can see it. Don't know if your one is configured the same but this way it prevents me sharing files etc with non company computers or even accesing the net except via company server,which is what they want for security reasons.

  01chris 21:03 06 Oct 2005

No, it doesnt have any security software on it at all. (Or restrictions)

  01chris 18:58 06 Jan 2006

by buying a router

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