adding a new hard-drive

  CHANCER101 11:28 16 Dec 2003

anyone tell me how to add a new hard drive ive only done it once before and it didnt work out quite as i planned so is there any tutorials or advice that i can follow ?

  MAJ 11:33 16 Dec 2003

A little more info needed, CHANCER101.

What size is the drive?

How old is your PC?

What is the make of the Drive?

What drives do you have installed at the moment?

Is this new drive going to be your main drive or an additional drive?

Which drives are Primary Master, Primary Slave, Secondary Master and Secondary Slave at the moment?

  CHANCER101 11:51 16 Dec 2003

the drive is a 20 Gb matrox

the pc is a PIII 800 (just got given it)

on it i have a cdrw (sec master), floppy, and a 13Gb seagate (primary master)

the 20Gb drive is to be the main drive ,but suppose it doesnt matter ...

i just want both drives to work in seamless conjunction

  [email protected] E 11:53 16 Dec 2003
  CHANCER101 11:57 16 Dec 2003

the drive is a matrox 20Gb

P3 800 mhz (given to me but a about

istalled at then moment is a floppy , cdrw (sec master) 13Gb seagate (i think) (primary master)

doesnt matter if its the master or not

  MAJ 12:20 16 Dec 2003

Assuming that you want to format the 13 gig and have two clean drives and have the new 20 gig drive as the main drive.

Set the jumper on the back of the 20 gig to Master and install it on the end connector of the IDE ribbon cable. Move the jumper on the 13 gig drive to the Slave position (it will be on the Master position at the moment) and install it on the middle connector of the IDE ribbon cable. Job done, CHANCER101.

Now FDISK and format your new 20 gig drive and install your operating system. If you want more info on how to do that, post back with the operating system you want to install.

  MAJ 12:23 16 Dec 2003

Of course, I forgot to say, the IDE ribbon cable I'm talking about is the one that the 13 gig drive is on at the moment, and don't to take anti-static precautions, but as you've done it before you'll already know that, CHANCER101.

  MAJ 12:24 16 Dec 2003

....and don't to take anti-static precautions..

should read:

...and don't forget to take anti-static precautions...

  CHANCER101 12:44 16 Dec 2003

what if i dont format the 13 gb , i would prefer to just add the 20 gb as a the master/slave whatever
but at the same time have my system see both as oen 33gb hard drive

  MAJ 12:48 16 Dec 2003

You don't have to format the 13 gig, CHANCER101, you can either keep it as the main drive and use the OS that's installed on it at the moment, or you can have it as a Slave and install a new OS on the 20 gig (which would be the Master). Either way, they wont be seen as one 33 gig drive, just two separate drives.

  Jester2K II 12:51 16 Dec 2003

You can't have two drives and have them seen as one big drive (although i think some sort of RAID array can (RAID 0) but you can't do that anyway.

You always have the two drives as two drives.

If you just want extra storage then add the new drive as a slave, format it and use it...

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