Adding a new domain to my hosting package

  javaBalls 23:03 17 Jan 2006


I've got the professional hosting package with heart internet click here

It's really good. It gives me 50 MYSQL databases lots of FTP Accounts.

At the moment I'm hosting one website there. However I'm developing another website. Ideally I would just share the hosting and use one of the MYSQL databases with my current hosting package.

Will I be able to add the new domain as an 'add-on'?

Will I be able to create a folder in the public_html folder for the new site and will the files map to 'click here' on the same hosting package?

  javaBalls 23:33 17 Jan 2006

Strange. I got an email saying that a member had replied to my post. But it's not there?

  Forum Editor 23:40 17 Jan 2006

You can only have one domain per package, but of course you can have sub domains aplenty.

so each sub-domain would be http: // subdomain.

I've added spaces in the address to prevent the site turning it into a 'click here' link

Each subdomain must have its own document root inside the public_html directory, and browsers will load the index page that corresponds to the subdomain. So, all files relating to a subdomain called pcadvisor must go into a directory called pcadvisor inside the public-html directory.

You should never use your virtual server space to host websites for other people by the way - that's a practice that's fraught with danger.

Does that help?

  Forum Editor 23:41 17 Jan 2006

I decided to add something to my original post, so I deleted it and posted it again. This post makes three.

  javaBalls 23:53 17 Jan 2006

Unfortunately I can't use a sub domain. This new website has got nothing to do with the current domain.

Should I be looking at the reseller package that Heart Internet Offer?

"fraught with danger." - I suppose it's best to keep different customer's websites apart when it comes to hosting.

It just seems a waste to have all that space and 50 Databases for the one website when the new one could share it. Obviously saving me money.

  Forum Editor 00:14 18 Jan 2006

and use it to host many (but not all) of my clients' websites. It's ideal, because there are virtually no limits to the possibilities, but it's not cheap, and unless you are going to host multiple domain names it's probably not a viable proposition.

I must say that I've been delighted with Heart internet, they are without doubt the most professional hosting company I've ever worked with.

  javaBalls 00:36 18 Jan 2006

I agree. Heart are great.

so providing I can justify the cost, the reseller account is the solution to my problem?

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