Adding my site to search engines

  collinsc 17:01 14 May 2008


Can anyone advise the basics of how i can get my site on to google?

I have a free tiscali site, but use a seeperate registrar for my domain name.

Any advice appreciated.


  mfletch 18:01 14 May 2008

What I do for free is to put something on the site that people will do a search for,

eg {how to use spywareblaster}

Your site will be scanned by a Google bot at some time and will list the {how to use spywareblaster}

Then anyone who does a search will get this in my case,

click here

  collinsc 20:49 14 May 2008

thanks - but i specifically want peopl to be able to find it ONLY if they type in the name of the site i.e. the company and site might be called i want someone to search fghj - and for the site to appear in google....


  Stuartli 22:27 14 May 2008

Google lists the most appropriate website first (i.e. in your example it would be "'s" website) with the rest following in order of diminishing importance.

Even if you just type fghj Google will bring that website up.

If they typed Squatter's Arms, than that would be the first or among the first to appear (depending on how many there are around with that name).

  Belatucadrus 22:40 14 May 2008
  Stuartli 23:55 14 May 2008


click here

  collinsc 17:09 15 May 2008

Thanks guys.

stuartli- so... after a few days it well recognise i.e. - automatically!? or do i need to register it...

  Ditch999 17:24 15 May 2008

For Google create a user account click here and submit your to them. They will ask you to verify it by uploading either a file or by putting a text string in to one of the headers sections. Yahoo are different, you can just submit a site to them. This process is slow and it depends how you created your site and the tags you used. It could be 3 months before Google lists it.

  Ditch999 17:29 15 May 2008

If your site is hosted on your free webspace, eg www. anyone. plus. com and you own a domain name, like, and you have forwarding set with the company you bought the domain name off then it does not work properly. ie people who type in get redirected to www. anyone. plus. com

  collinsc 17:52 15 May 2008

ditch99- really!? it wont show "" in the address bar? it will show click here !?
why is this!?

  Ditch999 18:02 15 May 2008

There are usually options in the Control Panel of the account section of the company with whom you bought the domain name. You can have a straightforward redirect from to your webspace in which case it is your webspace address which appears in the address bar, or their is framed forwarding in which case appears in the web address bar but doesnt change even if you navigate the site. It depends who your domain name provider is. You can also get the DNS settings from your free web space provider then log in to your Control Panel of your domain provider and change the DNS settins to point to your free webspace. This last one is the best as it all works as you would expect it to.

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