Adding to my postings

  VoG II 22:03 05 Apr 2004

There seems to have been a mega increase in forum users posting the above or similar messages to threads recently. In my humble opinion this just clutters-up the site and has clearly confused some posters of the original question.

If you want to save a reference to a thread in Internet Explorer simply click on Favorites then Add to Favorites. You can give the Favorite a name of your choice and you will find it easier subsequently to find the thread. You can even create an "Adding to my postings" folder in Favorites if you wish.

  paddyjack 22:08 05 Apr 2004

this help post needs to stay at the top of page 1, great VoG

  Martin86 22:27 05 Apr 2004

What confuses me as a newbie here is the lack of any features like [b]formatting[/b] and the ability to edit posts which are found in all other forums.

  Sir Radfordin 22:39 05 Apr 2004

What this forum lacks in fancy (and IMHO pointless) features it more than makes up for in quality and speed of response of the postings made.

Unlike many other forums that try to be all things to all men this site suceeds in providing help and assistance to those facing computer problems...all for FREE.

VoG you are a wise man. It must be true what they say about age.

  leo49 22:51 05 Apr 2004

Just to add that in light of the "cull" of old threads that took place to make room on the server at the turn of the year,far safer to copy and paste into a text doc and save on your own PC.

  Spark6 23:20 05 Apr 2004


If what I've read previously is true you really are an ancient star.

Great tip, no more 'for my postings' from me.

  The Spires 23:24 05 Apr 2004

Or even copy and paste the required bits in to a text & save.

  gudgulf 23:38 05 Apr 2004

All very well but if you often access the forum from pc's at different locations,it is the only way to (easily) access postings you may need.
Also simply bumping the post or even adding to it does the same trick----legitimately.

Oh and before you ask, I personally save in "my favourites" whenever I am at home.

Perhaps if you post anything that other people think worth retaining you should be flattered rather than annoyed at how they do it.

VoG you should be more flattered than most,given the amount of good advice you dish out!!! ;o)))

  powerless 23:43 05 Apr 2004

Adding to my postings

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 23:47 05 Apr 2004


  SANTOS7 00:12 06 Apr 2004

VOG truely the Voice Of pc God

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